pi+ and pi- m_t spectra for C+C at 1 and 2 A GeV, and Ar+KCl at 1.76 A GeV

(1/(m_t*m_t))*dN/dm_t [1./(MeV/c^2)^3] distributions at midrapidity window y_cm-0.1 < y_lab <= y_cm+0.1

multiplicity in LVL1 trigger events (trigger biased), in full acceptance region


to one LVL1 event, to 1 MeV/c^2

NOT normalized to rapidity unit, just yield in +-0.1 window in y_lab

list of files:

piminus_cc1000_mt.vec piminus_cc2000_mt.vec piplus_cc1000_mt.vec piplus_cc2000_mt.vec piminus_arkcl1760_mt.vec piplus_arkcl1760_mt.vec

1 row contents: m_t-m_pi (center of bin, in MeV/c), yield, error

trigger bias:

To get multiplicity for minimum bias, the data points have to be divided by the trigger enhancement factor F = A_part(LVL1)/A_part(min.bias):

CC1 8.61/6

CC2 8.38/6

ArKCl 38.5 /19.25

data are published in:

CC: Eur. Phys. J. A 40 (2009) 45 (also arXiv:0902.4377 [nucl-ex]), Fig. 8 and 9

ArKCl: Phys.Rev. C84 (2011) 014902 (also arXiv:1103.0876 [nucl-ex]) Fig.4

For ArKCl pi+ and pi- averaged data are shown with different normalization:

normalization a) to unit of y_lab (multiplied by 5)

b) divided by A_part=38.5

c) in (1/!GeV/c^2)^3 i.e. by factor of 10^9 larger

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