The Hades Data Aquisition and Slow Control System

Welcome to the DaqSlowControl web used by HadesDaqSlowControlGroup.

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Changes on this page

I tried to clean up this page a bit
  • First of all, I'm sorry for any inconvenience finding pages that have been moved! No information has been deleted - everything is still available
  • All Pages are now organized in a few main categories, each containing a full tree with all sub-pages - see "Main Sections" below
  • Due to a bug in the %TREEVIEW%-Plugin, only one tree per page can be shown - makes this page much uglier than it should be...
-- JanMichel - 01 Jan 2010

Main Sections

People & Meetings


Daq-Operator issues:

  • Here a list of pages with information of the DAQ operator should follow

Old DAQ System

All information regarding the old DAQ system has been moved to OutdatedPages

Web Layout

For the Tree View press here: TreeViewLink

Site Tools of the DaqSlowControl Web

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