Open Tasks

Tasks currently on our agenda:

  • Remove obsolete cables - still a topic wink (Everybody who is familiar with the old setup)
  • Install temperature sensors for RICH power supplies
  • Re-Install MDC Analog Out connection to Counting House (Erwin)
  • Add fans where missing
  • Install trigger cables TOF-MDC34
  • Install trigger cables for RPC (Alberto)
  • Install trigger cables for Forward Wall
  • Adjust all FanPW to final settings
  • Connect power for RPC switches
  • Install RPC Hadcon (Alberto)
  • MDC - what is missing?


  • Put cables and filters on 10 more new fans (Joern, Jan)
  • Prepare RPC / Shower trigger cables (Gosia)
  • Lay 48V distribution for TRBs MDC12 RICH (Torsten)
  • Lay 48V distribution for TRBs left front (Torsten)
  • Lay 48V distribution for TRBs right front (Torsten)
  • Lay Optical cables left front corner (Jan)
  • Finish TOF TRB stacks (Joern, Jan)
  • Finish MDC1 sector 4 cables (Gosia, Joern)
  • Find and install available network switches (Sergey)

  • removed power cables for RICH (Joern, Khaled, Jan)
  • Prepare more 50cm power cables (Khaled, Gosia, Joern)
  • Add filters for Fans where missing (Joern)
  • Lay 48V distribution for RPC TRB (Torsten)
  • Lay 48V distribution for RPC (Torsten)
  • Prepared optical cables for MDC 1/2 (Gosia, Joern, Torsten, Jan)
  • Loaded new kernels on many trbs (Sergey)

  • Made list of available temperature sensors for MDC1/2 (Khaled)
  • Soldered new temperature sensors (Erik)
  • Removed RICH power cable to tent (Erwin)
  • Installed front left and rear right TRB stacks (Andreas)
  • Installed final Ethernet setup for all three corners of the mainframe (Sergey, Jan)
  • Changed stack for CTS (Jan)
  • Continued tests for MDC (Gosia, Joern)
  • Fixed some mistakes on sector 3 plane 3/4 (Gosia, Erwin)

  • Layed all optical cables for rear right, front right corner and MDC1/2 / RICH to optical switches, Ethernet switches and CTS (Joern, Erwin, Jan)
  • Installed TRB mountings (Andreas)
  • Mounted TRB stacks (Joern, Andreas, Jan)
  • Soldered trigger distributor boards (Gabi)
  • Soldered all temperature sensors for MDC plane 3&4 (Erik, Gosia)
  • Mounted trigger distributor on TRB stacks (Gosia)
  • Removed MDC Analog Out Cables between Patch panels - has to be redone in a better way (Joern, Erwin)
  • Removed LEMO cables on MDC rack

  • Lay 48V distribution for TRBs right rear (Torsten)
  • Build holding for optical switches (Andreas)
  • Installed and connected optical switches for MDC1/2 & RICH (Jan)
  • Changed RPC stacks on sector 3 & 5 to final setup (Yurek, Jan)
  • Equipped one more RPC stack (Marek, Jan)
  • Prepared power cables for Trigger distributor board (Jan)

  • Prepared two new trigger cables for RPC (Kathrin)
  • Change power supply for RPC to final setup (Torsten, Jan)

  • The last three stacks prepared for RPC (Marek, Sergey)

  • Prepared six TRB stacks for TOF with Power distributor (Erik)
  • Installed two network switches in rear right corner, including cables (Jan)
  • Labeled most of RPC cables individually (Kathrin)
  • Layed trigger cable (17pair) from CTS to both TOF/MDC34 and RPC/Shower / corner of mainframe (Erwin, Jan)
  • Prepared more 50cm 48V cables (Paul)
  • Put RJ45 connectors on PCB for temperature sensors (Paul, Erik)
  • Started removing temporary RPC setup (Jan)

  • Removed all temporary RPC setups
  • Uninstalled LV power supplies for making changes
  • Put cables for TOF on sector 3
  • Prepared cables for RPC / Shower to be put into new cable chains.

  • Three stacks of RPC TRBs successfully tested (CTS, old HUB, readout) and ready for mounting (Marek, Sergey)

  • Installed cable guide on rear corners (Torsten, Andreas, Jan)
  • Continued with TOF cables (Erwin)

  • Two stacks with TRBs for RPC built and tested (CTS, old HUB, readout) and ready for mounting (Marek, Sergey)

  • Four TRBs for TOF tested (CTS, old HUB, readout) and ready for mounting (Marek, Sergey)

22.02.2010 (and before)
  • Install new cable guides to RPC/Shower
  • Soldered temperature sensor hub boards
  • Soldered CTS trigger fanout boards
  • Finished testing & labelling half of temperature sensors for MDC 3/4
  • Lay all DAQ cables to each RPC/Shower sector (1x trigger, 6x optical cable, 1x Ethernet, 1x Temp.Sens. 2x CAN)

  • Installed Forward Wall Hub
  • Changed trigger setup according to Michael's mail

-- JanMichel - 29 Jan 2010
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