Weekly MDC Readout Upgrade Meeting

The protocol of the meetings: MdcReadoutupgrademeeting

Readout via OEP and MDC Optical AddOn

MDC - OEP testing, mounting, commissioning


  • DataStructure - description of the data format
  • DatawordOutput - a few examples of interpreted data streams read out from one Endpoint

HardwareUp-to-date information about all ongoing and planned work

Please update this list regularly! I think this will help all of us to keep a better overview of the whole project.

Hardware Tests

Configuration & Slow Control

  • DebugLists - Debug information which should be monitored
  • FlashProgramming - Overview of commands of the Flash chip. This functionality is given by Ludwig's trbflash tool which is documented elsewhere.
  • HowToRuntheDaq - list of configuration registers for the TDC


MDC FEE (Motherboards and OEP) commissioning: 2011

  • PeopleInvolved - List of people who are involved in the commissioning process and time table
  • FeeTests - List of tasks for the coordinated works in February-April 2011
  • WorkLogBook - Logbook for all test activities
  • CriteriaToProofTheFEE - description of the criteria and how to run the macro to analysis a .hld file
  • DataTestLogBook - Logbook for all taken test data & results
  • OEPReadoutTest - Analyzing files to check OEP / Chamber functionality
  • MBBlackList - Vladimir and Olga's list of not working MB or noise channels from the latest beam time (Nov10)
  • MBTestLab - How to test MB in the lab: start DAQ and analysis
  • ListOfAllSpareMBBoards - Current place and status of all spare MBs. Report about their test in the lab
  • OEPBandMBLogbook - Logbook of the OEPB and MB which had a failure and had to be exchanged during the commissioning
  • CommissioningLogBook - List of the activities and to-do list before the coming beam time (august 2011).


Old Stuff

Old stuff formerly listed on this page has been moved to MDCUpgradeOld
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