Difference: DCSSetupJul2018 (r2 vs. r1)

DCS Setup Jul 2018



Git repository at https://git.gsi.de/HADES/DCS/EPICS/Common/IOC/hades/tree/production

Hosts and their tasks

hosttasksrepository st_xxx.cmd
lxhadeb06 LV, temp, GAS, ... productioniocBoot/ioccave/lxhadeb06/st_lxhadeb06.cmd
lxhadeb07 HV (including sequencer): MDC, RPC, DIAMOND
HV (including sequencer): ECAL
lxhaddcs03 HV (including sequencer): TOF productioniocBoot/ioccave/lxhaddcs03/st_lxhaddcs03.cmd
lxhaddcs04 --- productioniocBoot/ioccave/lxhaddcs04/st_lxhaddcs04.cmd
lxhaddcs05 HV (including sequencer): FWALL productioniocBoot/ioccave/lxhaddcs05/st_lxhaddcs05.cmd
lxhaddcs06 lxhaddcs06HV (including sequencer): ECAL productioniocBoot/ioccave/lxhaddcs06/st_lxhaddcs06.cmd iocBoot/ioccave/ lxhaddcs06/st_lxhaddcs06.cmd

Task descriptions are kept up-to-date in hadesApp/Db/desc_ioc.substitutions.

-- PeterZumbruch - 11 Jul 2018

-- PeterZumbruch - 20 Jul 2018

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