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RICH readout structure

ADCM: board status


General description of the system

The RICH will be read out by ADC-Modules (ADCM). One sector is readout be five (5) ADCMs, where each ADCM connects to 15 APV frontend cards.


RICH modules

The ADCM delivers a maximum of 16x128 channels, while in normal operation the channel number is limited to 15x64 channels.


Module descriptions

A first version of the ADCM ( ECP2M-35, 8 APVs) has been tested wih a first version of the backplane and APV modules. The current version (ADCM_v2) is equipped with a ECP2M-100, two 12bit 8 channel ADCs (ADS5271), a fully operational TRBnet endpoint and a uC for slow control issues like power sequencing and surveillanca.


APV25S1 information

Data format


Details on APV25S1

The ADCM_v2 delivers data with the standardized DHDR.



-- MichaelBoehmer - 02 Mar 2009


-- MichaelBoehmer - 29 Apr 2010

r3 - 29 Apr 2010 - 08:42 - MichaelBoehmer r2 - 31 Dec 2009 - 16:22 - JanMichel

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