Difference: LinuxVMECPUList (r11 vs. r10)

List of Concurrent VME CPUs and their MAC-addresses

DNS-names are always: hadcXX, where XX is the number down in the table.

No location means: At GSI on Michaels office table.

name MAC-address current location property of mem(MB) pxelinux.cfg
01 00:40:9E:00:85:04 EE-Lab NE5-SlowControl GSI 400 8CB55262
02 00:40:9E:00:99:E2 MDC-1 readout in cave Giessen 900 8CB5
03 00-40-9E-00-A4-0C TOF-0 readout in cave Giessen 900
04 00-40-9E-00-A4-0E TOF-1 readout in cave Giessen 900
05 00-40-9E-00-A4-10 TOF-2 readout in cave Giessen 900
06 00-40-9E-00-A4-12 TOF-3 readout in cave Giessen 900
07 00-40-9E-00-A4-14 TOF-4 readout in cave Giessen 900
08 00-40-9E-00-A4-16 Matching Unit Giessen 900
09 00-40-9E-00-A4-18 Ingos lab in Frankfurt Giessen 900
10 00-40-9E-00-A4-1A Shower Giessen 900
11 00-40-9E-00-A4-1C RICH1, Torte TU-M´┐Żnchen Giessen 900
12 00-40-9E-00-A4-1E RICH1 (Detecor hut) Giessen 900
13 00-40-9E-00-A4-20 RICH2 (Detecor hut) Giessen 900
14 00-40-9E-00-A4-22 RICH3 (Detecor hut) Giessen 900
15 00-40-9E-00-A4-24 MDC-0 readout in cave Giessen 900
16 00-40-9E-00-A4-26 cave, "old"-CAEN-HV control Giessen 900
17 00-40-9E-00-A5-D8 Lab in Giessen, Tiago Giessen 900
18 00-40-9E-01-28-84 EE-Lab, GSI GSI 1800 8CB56B9
19 00-40-9E-01-28-88 EE-Lab, GSI GSI 1800 8CB56B9

The following I got from the computercenter.

Maschinenname   MAC-Adresse     IP-Adresse
hadc03  00-40-9E-00-A4-0C       87.78
hadc04  00-40-9E-00-A4-0E       87.80
hadc05  00-40-9E-00-A4-10       87.82
hadc06  00-40-9E-00-A4-12       87.84
hadc07  00-40-9E-00-A4-14       87.86
hadc08  00-40-9E-00-A4-16       87.88
hadc09  00-40-9E-00-A4-18       87.90
hadc10  00-40-9E-00-A4-1A       87.92
hadc11  00-40-9E-00-A4-1C       87.94
hadc12  00-40-9E-00-A4-1E       87.96
hadc13  00-40-9E-00-A4-20       87.98
hadc14  00-40-9E-00-A4-22       87.100
hadc15  00-40-9E-00-A4-24       87.102
hadc16  00-40-9E-00-A4-26       87.104
hadc17  00-40-9E-00-A5-D8       87.106
hadc18  00-40-9E-01-28-84       107.156
hadc19  00-40-9E-01-28-88       107.158

Expert Power Switches

name MAC-address current location function
haepc01 00:0A:7B:81:1c:16 EE-lab TRB-setup
haepc02 00:0A:7B:81:1c:17 EE-lab xx
haepc03 00:0A:7B:81:1c:0c EE-lab xx

-- MichaelTraxler - 26 Jul 2007

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