Difference: QACheckList (r9 vs. r8)

Where to find QA check list file


  • for August 2011: /u/hades-qa/Desktop/QA Check List - Aug11/QA_check_list_Au_Au_aug2011.pdf (see also attachement)

Where to get informations for check list

  • Go to Magnet Control Computer in the second floor above the HADES experiment and check computer screen for:


  • Go to DAQ monitors
    • Look at hadplotmain picture Read values from Start Display (window not labeled, but the diamond-shaped Start detector is clearly identifiable)
    • Take values from RIGHT column, not the left one as shown in the picture.


  • Check Pad mult./evt in the corresponding RICH online monitoring pictures
  • Open epics window
    • Click on "rich" button
    • Click on "Rich HV" button
    • Click on "HV Control" button


  • Go to the RICH rack in front of the lower counting house


  • MDC
    • "HV settings changed", "Thresholds changed" -> ask experts
    • "ERROR-BITS" -> check in QA plots (MDC panel, ErrStat tab)
    • "Gas bubbler" -> see picture below
    • "Interlocks enabled"
    • "Gas - System", "Temperature" ???
  • MDC Gas-System readings
    • Go to the MDC rack in front of counting house


    • Open epics window
    • Click on "MDC" button
    • Click on "Mdc gaspressure"


  • Check in your QA plots
  • "TOF counts/s " -> check CTS window -> See the six TOF sectors -> Check for scalers during a spill -> estimate average


  • Open epics window
    • Click on "RPC" button
    • Click on "Gas System" button
    • Check values:


  • Open epics window
    • Click on "MDC" button
    • Click on "MDC gas scales" button


  • Go to the RPC rack in front of the lower counting house


  • Check "Currents in SC"
    • Open epics window
    • Click on "RPC" button
    • Click on "HV" button
    • Click on "Monitor (1ua)" button
    • 6 different colored histograms appear in two windows -> If the six histograms are more or less the same -> ok!
  • Go to the balance near the stairs to upper counting house


  • Go to SHOWER rack in front of lower counting house


  • open epics window
    • Click on "shower" button
    • Click on "SHWR HV" button
    • Click on "ALL SECTOR" button


Forward Wall
  • Check your QA plots
  • Open epics window
    • Click on "misc." button


  • ???
Online Vertex
  • Go to lower monitors on QA operator place
    • Click "Open VertexMon" button
    • Click "Start VRC Server.deskt op" button -> Vetrex Reconstruction pictures pop up
Slow Control (Archiver)

To check if the file archiver is running go to http://lxg0434:4812

-- RafalLalik - 10 Aug 2011

MDC_Gas_Pressure.pngpngMDC_Gas_Pressure.pngmanage 14.2 K 16 Aug 2011 - 21:16JohannesSiebenson MDC Gaspressures
MDC_Rack.pngpngMDC_Rack.pngmanage 379.3 K 16 Aug 2011 - 21:07JohannesSiebenson MDC Rack in front of the lower counting house
Magnet.pngpngMagnet.pngmanage 170.5 K 16 Aug 2011 - 16:12JohannesSiebenson Magnet Info for QA Check-List
MdcGasScale.pngpngMdcGasScale.pngmanage 12.3 K 16 Aug 2011 - 19:39JohannesSiebenson MDC Gas Scale
QA_check_list_Au_Au_aug2011.pdfpdfQA_check_list_Au_Au_aug2011.pdfmanage 64.5 K 17 Aug 2011 - 04:47RafalLalik QA Check List for Aug2011
RPCRack.pngpngRPCRack.pngmanage 118.9 K 16 Aug 2011 - 16:41JohannesSiebenson RPC Rack in front of lower counting house
RPC_Gas_System.pngpngRPC_Gas_System.pngmanage 16.5 K 16 Aug 2011 - 19:37JohannesSiebenson RPC Gas System on EPICS
Rich_HV_Settings.pngpngRich_HV_Settings.pngmanage 22.1 K 16 Aug 2011 - 19:58JohannesSiebenson Rich HV settings
Rich_rack.pngpngRich_rack.pngmanage 207.3 K 16 Aug 2011 - 20:26JohannesSiebenson RICH rack in front of lower counting house
SHOWER_Rack.pngpngSHOWER_Rack.pngmanage 122.1 K 16 Aug 2011 - 22:21JohannesSiebenson SHOWER Rack in front of lower counting house
Start.pngpngStart.pngmanage 23.2 K 16 Aug 2011 - 23:55JohannesSiebenson Start/Veto
Waage.pngpngWaage.pngmanage 122.3 K 16 Aug 2011 - 21:58JohannesSiebenson Waage 1-4
cts.pngpngcts.pngmanage 52.4 K 17 Aug 2011 - 00:00JohannesSiebenson TOF counts/s
miscepics.pngpngmiscepics.pngmanage 9.2 K 16 Aug 2011 - 23:27JohannesSiebenson Turbo pump temperature
showerepics.pngpngshowerepics.pngmanage 23.2 K 16 Aug 2011 - 22:57JohannesSiebenson SHOWER HV Picture

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