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Requirements: bash xterm awk expect daq_evtbuild daq_netmem daq_sniff Description: ** config ** This configuration file contains: trb_ip - IP address of TRB board, eventbuilder_ip - IP address of host where eventbuilder is started port_number - connection port between TRB board and DAQ system on th the e host destination - one can collect a file(set 'file') or run aquisition w without ithout it(set 'null') dest_dir - directory, where the files are collected show_sniff - set 1, if you want to sniff data ** log_in ** to log into the TRB board ** show_status ** to see status of the TRB part of DAQ system ** readout_data ** to start aquisition on the TRB ** collect_data ** to start aquisition on the host 

Below software wasnt tested

-- RadekTrebacz - 19 Jun 2007

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