Difference: TestsMDCIV (r3 vs. r2)

Here a list of all taken hld-files should be maintained. All files are to be recorded in: hadaq@lxhadeb01:/data01/data

MDC IV Sector 0

MDC IV Sector 1

MDC IV Sector 2

thresholdpulsercalibrationfile name# eventspower consumptiontemperature
0x30     te1105409373501      
0x40   on te1105315075401      
0x50   on te1105315374201      
0x60   on te1105316432101      
0x45   on te1105317033101      
0x70   on te1105316495601      

Comments: We saw that MB 2218 behaved in a strange way due to a trigger cable broken. It didn't delivered both real both calibration data. The floating timing trigger signal induced in the TDCs during the calibration corrupted the calibration and no data was delivered by the TDC. Therefore we changed the trigger cable.

MDC IV Sector 3

MDC IV Sector 4

MDC IV Sector 5

-- RafalLalik - 22 Feb 2011

test of MDC IV performed day: 29.03.2011

We have collected only calibration events, by setting: trigger type 9 on and pulser 10Hz.
Threshold has been set to 40 for all planes.
Following picture is showing typical patern MBO vs. TDC for MDC IV (sector 2 is not connected).

In this plot we are doing entry only in case TDC deliver us all 6 data words.

We can see some kind of pattern, which is repeated in all sectors, where some of the TDCs do not
deliver all 6 data words. This should be check if this is correct.

In addition we are missing some data words in sector 4 MBO 14.

MDC IV calibration

-- Johannes and Gosia

mdcIV_cal1.gifgifmdcIV_cal1.gifmanage 54.6 K 29 Mar 2011 - 16:17GosiaSudol MDC IV calibration

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