Difference: Thresholds (r2 vs. r1)

Setting the thresholds for PaDiWa Amps

Threshold are authomaticaly loaded during DAQ restart or one can sent them to front-end boards using the commands:

0.) login to hadaq@hadesdaq01 and go to /home/hadaq/trbsoft/hadesdaq/start/

1.) bash startup.script

2.) ../../daqtools/dac_program.pl ThreshPadiwaVeto.db

File with thresholds as of 26. 4. 2014: thresholds.txt

Finding the threshold value

To find the threshold value one have to do:

1.) in the web browser (any machine in GSI network) open hades33:1234

2.) in the Front-end section clic Threshold settings

3.) select board (5010 or 5013), chain (0 or 1) and channel (0 - 2 - .... - 14)

4.) move the corse or fine threshold button around 60 mV to find the noise (there is 60 mV offset in the threshold setting, so 60 mV threshold equls to zero in reality)

5.) go to higher threshold (as far from the noise as you need), read the hex value and write it to the file ThreshPadiwaVeto.db

Check connection to the Padowa boards

Web browser --> hades33:1234 --> "Front-ends" --> Padiwa --> "Board" --> fe48 --> Temp/Id ... -----> you will see to which TDC the boards are connected.

Current file with threshold: -- OndrejSvoboda - 06 May 2014

thresholds.txttxtthresholds.txtmanage 4.4 K 06 May 2014 - 08:31OndrejSvoboda Thresholds for PaDiWa Amps and hodoscope

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