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Hodoscope detectors

Three pieces of Hodoscope detectors for beam position monitoring are available. Two of them are identical with scintillator rod dimensions 100 x 10 x 5 mm, the third one has smaller rods (100 x 6.5 x 6.5 mm). All three detectors show significant light attenuation inside the scintillators and had to be repaired in Optical laboratories of the Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic.


Hodoscope publication in NIM: Pion_beam-hodoscope.pdf

Photomultipliers datasheet: Photomultiplier_tube_R3478.pdf

Hodoscope drawings

Hodoscope drawings ppt: Hodoscope_drawings.pptx

Hodoscope drawings pdf: Hodoscope_drawings.pdf

Material file materials.db

High Voltage for PMTs

How to set HV

HV values on Hodoscope nr.2: HV_for_hodoscope.pdf


vncviewer hadesdaq01:1 is main DAQ VNC

vncviewer hadesdaq01:2 is used for HODO/START

Thresholds on PaDiWa Amps

Setting the thresholds on PaDiWa front-end boards Thresholds

TDC calibration of TRB3 TRB3calibration

Look-up table (24. 4. 2014): Lookup_table_start_category.pdf

Attenuation before repair

Attenutaion length before repair was 4 - 7 cm depanding on the rod and method of measurement (cosmic muons, gamma or beta radiation).

Hodoscope nr.3 - measurement with 90Sr radioactive source: Hodoskop3_attenuation.pdf

After repair

Attenuation length after exchange of scintillator rods is cca 24 cm.

Short report about attenuation measurement after repair: after_repair.pdf

Beam results

Pulse amplitudes on protons measured with osciloscope:

Pulse amplitudes

"Heat map" with well focused beam: Beam profile on hodoscope (Y axis):

Heat map Profile

QA over web browser:

open web browser from any machine in GSI network: hades33/mon/

or from outside: http://cerberus.x-matter.uni-frankfurt.de:8888/mon

or from WiFi: http://cerberus.x-matter.uni-frankfurt.de:3060/mon

OR via SOCKS proxy setting:

1. open a ssh connection and activate 'dynamic port forwarding'
ssh -D 1080 USERNAME@lxi001.gsi.de

2. Setup SOCKS proxy in Firefox
open tab 'Network'
click on Connection 'Settings...'
activate 'Manual Proxy Configuration'
SOCKS Host: localhost Port: 1080
(ensure that all other Proxy fields are blank (or 0))

How to analyze the data (may 14 test):

QA was moved to hadestof@lxhadeb06.gsi.de

0.) go to folder /analysis/tof/May14

1.) to find last 20 hld files type:


ls -ltr /store/**/*.hld(.om[0,20]L+33)

2.) run defall.sh placed in the /makeDST/ folder

3.) use analysis macro from /makeDST_ilse to analyse the files (./analysisDST name_of_the_file_from_step_1 number_of_events)

Beamtime info


exchange of 2 modified Padiwas for lower rods



LookUp table and CalParameters for START and HODO: calibpar_notshifted.txt

HODO Web Utilities

HV_for_hodoscope.pdfpdfHV_for_hodoscope.pdfmanage 251.1 K 05 May 2014 - 10:43OndrejSvoboda High Voltage for Hodoscope nr.2
Hodoskop3_attenuation.pdfHodoscope.datpdf dat Hodoskop3_attenuation.pdf Hodoscope.dat manage531.4 331.0 K 05 May 30 Sep 2014 - 12:23 06:49 OndrejSvobodaAttenuation measurement with Hodoscope nr.3 drawings and 90Sr source file
Lookup_table_start_cathegory.txtHodoscope_drawings.pdftxt pdf Lookup_table_start_cathegory.txt Hodoscope_drawings.pdf manage48.6 1315.0 K 06 May 30 Sep 2014 - 09:24 06:33 OndrejSvobodaLook-up table for Hodoscope drawings pdf start cathegory
Photomultiplier_tube_R3478.pdfHodoscope_drawings.pptxpdf pptx Photomultiplier_tube_R3478.pdf Hodoscope_drawings.pptx manage215.7 3799.5 K 05 May 30 Sep 2014 - 10:34 06:35 OndrejSvobodaPhotomultiplier tube from Hodoscope drawings pptx hodoscope
Pion_beam-hodoscope.pdfHodoskop3_attenuation.pdfpdfPion_beam-hodoscope.pdf Hodoskop3_attenuation.pdf manage440.0 531.4 K 05 May 2014 - 10:30 12:23 OndrejSvobodaDesign Attenuation measurement with Hodoscope nr.3 and commissioning of 90Sr source the GSI pion beam - hodoscope description
after_repair.pdfLookup_table_start_cathegory.txtpdf txt after_repair.pdf Lookup_table_start_cathegory.txt manage260.0 48.6 K 06 May 2014 - 07:25 09:24 OndrejSvoboda90Sr measurement of hodoscope nr. Look-up table for start cathegory 2 after repair
calibpar_notshifted.txtPhotomultiplier_tube_R3478.pdftxt pdf calibpar_notshifted.txt Photomultiplier_tube_R3478.pdf manage6.1 215.7 K 19 Aug 05 May 2014 - 19:33 10:34 LukasChlad OndrejSvoboda LookUp Photomultiplier tube from hodoscope plus CalPars (before shift)
hodo_pulse_amplitude.jpgPion_beam-hodoscope.pdfjpg pdf hodo_pulse_amplitude.jpg Pion_beam-hodoscope.pdf manage145.1 440.0 K 05 May 2014 - 12:03 10:30 OndrejSvobodaPulse amplitudes from Hodoscope nr.2 stripe 0, protons 2 Design and commissioning of the GSI pion beam - hodoscope description GeV
hodoscope.jpgafter_repair.pdfjpg pdf hodoscope.jpg after_repair.pdf manage283.6 260.0 K 06 May 2014 - 06:51 07:25 OndrejSvoboda90Sr measurement of hodoscope layout nr. 2 after repair
hodoscope_heatmap.jpgcalibpar_notshifted.txtjpg txt hodoscope_heatmap.jpg calibpar_notshifted.txt manage7.0 6.1 K 05 May 19 Aug 2014 - 12:31 19:33 OndrejSvoboda LukasChlad Hodoscope heatmap with well focused beam LookUp plus CalPars (before shift)
hodoscope_profile.jpghodo_pulse_amplitude.jpgjpghodoscope_profile.jpg hodo_pulse_amplitude.jpg manage3.3 145.1 K 05 May 2014 - 12:37 12:03 OndrejSvobodaBeam profile in Pulse amplitudes from Y axis seen in Hodoscope nr.2 stripe 0, protons 2 GeV
hodoscope.jpgjpghodoscope.jpgmanage 283.6 K 06 May 2014 - 06:51OndrejSvoboda hodoscope layout
hodoscope_heatmap.jpgjpghodoscope_heatmap.jpgmanage 7.0 K 05 May 2014 - 12:31OndrejSvoboda Hodoscope heatmap with well focused beam
hodoscope_profile.jpgjpghodoscope_profile.jpgmanage 3.3 K 05 May 2014 - 12:37OndrejSvoboda Beam profile in Y axis seen in Hodoscope
materials.dbdbmaterials.dbmanage 3.0 K 30 Sep 2014 - 06:51OndrejSvoboda Hodoscope drawings material file

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