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Pion Beam Experiment Page

This page contains all informations about preparation to pion experiment: physics simulations, beam optics calculations and detector development.

People involved

IPN, Orsay
  • Beatrice Ramstein
  • Hubert Kuc
  • Thierry Hennino
  • Ermias Atomssa
TU Muenchen
  • Laura Fabbietti
  • Rafal Lalik
  • Eliane Epple
  • Johannes Siebenson
  • Robert Muenzer
  • Joana Wirth
  • Tobias Schmitt
  • Ludwig Maier
GSI Darmstadt
  • Wolfgang Koenig
  • Jerzy Pietraszko
  • Michael Traxler

Pion Beam Physics

Pion Beam Optics

The good starting point is the paper

Design and commissioning of the GSI pion beam.

Simulation of pion beam optics

Pion beam - TDR - Document with the status of the preparation of the pion tracker and evaluation of the beam optics.

  • Git repository (read only access) can be fetch from
    or from the git web interface.
    For RW access to the git repository, please send your ssh key (which will you use for the ssh connection) to Rafal Lalik. If you are not familiar with the git you can download the git repository with the following command:
    git clone git://saturn.e12.ph.tum.de/HADESCerberosTDR.git
    edit your changes and send edited files to Rafal Lalik by e-mail.

Pion Beam Tracker Development

This page contains information about development of Pion Tracker detector for HADES pion experiments.

Cerberos info

Detector and DAQMiscellaneous

Tests results


Counting rates & Physics predictions

Counting rate estimates for different channels and possible beam request presented at the HADES CM in november 2012

Predictions for two pion production from Bonn-Gatchina group (curtesy of a.Sarantsev)

  • download root macro (attached and look into plots)

pipi_hades.cpp: root macro for 2pi
utility_general.cpp: utility_general.cpp

Beam time GSI 1.07-16.07.2014

  • two pion count rates from preliminary analysis on date 186 (46 MLN of events roughly 7 hours of running, 217 files) PionBeamGSI2014
  • Proton-pion and two-pion correlations from 2 MLN events collected for 0.7 GeV /c pions on Carbon and Polyethylene targets

07GeVCarbon.pdf: proton-pion and 2pion correlations from 0.7GeV/c pion induced reactions

Beam time GSI 18.08-11.09.2014

Beam energy scan around second resonance region. * indicate that at this momentum Cristal Ball@ BNL took also data in pi-p -> pi0pi0 n channel- PHYSICAL REVIEW C 69, 045202 (2004) -(complementary channel - very important for PWA analysis because in this channel rho meson MUST be absent). At central value of our measurement 0.69 GeV /c we will have enough statistics to make additional 2 bins in momentum +- 2% (0.703 and 0.677 GeV /c b.t.w also measured by CB)

Runs with PE target

pion momentum [GeV/c] Centrum of mass Energy Number of events
0.8 1.556 >= 40 MLN (measured 52.4 MLN)
0.748* 1.526 >= 40 MLN (measured 76.5 MLN)
0.69 * 1.49 measured 774.7 MLN
0.656* 1.468 >= 40 MLN (measured 42.4 MLN)
0.612* 1.441 >= 40 MLN

For bakcground subtraction we need at least same statistics (40 MLN) in each momenty bin with Carbon target.

Thus, in total we need at least 9 good shifts (4 momentum scan and 5 carbon) to cover this program.

Runs with C target

pion momentum [GeV/c] Centrum of mass Energy Number of events
0.8 1.556 measured 41.2 MLN
0.748* 1.526 measured 42.2 MLN
0.69 * 1.49 measured 115.7 MLN
0.656* 1.468 measured 41.9 MLN
0.612* 1.441 measured 47.8 MLN

Dilepton analysis (Sept 2017):

  • 3-dim acceptance and efficiency matrices calculated from GEANT4 simulations of electrons/positrons with flat momentum distributions (p<700 MeV /c).X=theta (deg) 45 bins (0.,90.) ;Y=phi (deg) 90 bins (0.,360.); Z=p (MeV /c) 40 bins (0.,800.);
  • data and simulation (using PLUTO ρ and old RICH digitizer) events for extraction of Spin Density Matrix coefficients (Andrey's procedure)
  • tar file with Andrey's code. Instructions can be found in the README.
  • files with events generated with the GSI model (old version) in 4π N1440,N1520,N1520+N1440,N1520-N1440: original files and files with appropriate format to be used by the fitting code.

More complete information with start and end run numbers, detailed statistical information can be found here:


-excell table with run info data_august2014.xlsx

On-line analysis of the beam momentum scan

Liquid Hydrogen target

A repair action on the LH2 target is underway. Tests are being conducted with a proton beam at the Orsay Tandem. See the presentation THennino_pactandem_140213.pdf at the PAC meeting on the 14/2/13.

The test at the Orsay tandem was conducted from 6th to 8th of january 2014. See the presentation TEST_LH2_tandem_150114.pdf

segmented Start Detector

The Start detector consists of 9 diamonds each with 4 pads. In runs with the LH2 target, it will be located 40 cm upstream of the target center and about 80 cm inside the support pipe (downstream) of the target. The estimated heat injection after shielding start detector and support rods with aluminized mylar foils (low emissivity of 5% each layer) will amount to several 10 mW. The effect of this heat injection onto liquid stability will be tested as soon as the LN2 target is operational.
Some details of the design can be found in PionBeamStartDetector.pdf. It will be updated regularly.

07GeVCarbon.pdfpdf07GeVCarbon.pdfmanage 233.3 K 16 Jul 2014 - 17:15PiotrSalabura proton-pion and 2pion correlations from 0.7GeV/c pion on Carbon
Efficiency.rootrootEfficiency.rootmanage 787.2 K 19 Sep 2017 - 15:28BeatriceRamstein efficiency matrices for electrons and positrons
GSI2012.pdfpdfGSI2012.pdfmanage 2574.6 K 26 Feb 2013 - 22:33BeatriceRamstein presentation at the HADES CM in nov. 2012
Lara_Hijazi.Master2-NPAC.pdfGSImodel_oldfiles_saranformat.zippdf zip Lara_Hijazi.Master2-NPAC.pdf GSImodel_oldfiles_saranformat.zip manage1872.1 14435.9 K 25 Aug 2014 29 Sep 2017 - 09:46 15:40 BeatriceRamsteinMaster2 internship presentation of Lara Hijazi (analysis of May2014 test beam data)
PHN-NQM-HADES-09.pdfLara_Hijazi.Master2-NPAC.pdfpdfPHN-NQM-HADES-09.pdf Lara_Hijazi.Master2-NPAC.pdf manage115.0 1872.1 K 26 Nov 2012 25 Aug 2014 - 09:28 09:46 ElianeEpple BeatriceRamstein GSI Report 2010 about CERBEROS Master2 internship presentation of Lara Hijazi (analysis of May2014 test beam data)
PHN-NQM-HADES-14.pdfPHN-NQM-HADES-09.pdfpdfPHN-NQM-HADES-14.pdf PHN-NQM-HADES-09.pdf manage169.8 115.0 K 26 Nov 2012 - 09:31 09:28 ElianeEppleGSI Report 2011 - Status 2010 about CERBEROS of the Pion Beam Tracker
PHN-NQM-HADES-15.pdfPHN-NQM-HADES-14.pdfpdfPHN-NQM-HADES-15.pdf PHN-NQM-HADES-14.pdf manage87.3 169.8 K 26 Nov 2012 - 09:31ElianeEppleGSI Report 2011 - Simulation for Status of the L1405 in pion Pion Beam Tracker reactions
PionBeamCalibration_Apr26.pdfPHN-NQM-HADES-15.pdfpdfPionBeamCalibration_Apr26.pdf PHN-NQM-HADES-15.pdf manage355.9 87.3 K 14 May 2014 26 Nov 2012 - 08:25 09:31 BeatriceRamstein ElianeEpple preliminary analysis of APR2014 measurements GSI Report 2011 - Simulation for the L1405 in pion reactions
PionBeamStartDetector.pdfPionBeamCalibration_Apr26.pdfpdfPionBeamStartDetector.pdf PionBeamCalibration_Apr26.pdf manage189.8 355.9 K 03 Apr 2013 14 May 2014 - 08:41 08:25 WolfgangKoenig BeatriceRamstein Pion Beam Start Detector design preliminary analysis of APR2014 measurements & simulation
TEST_LH2_tandem_150114.pdfPionBeamStartDetector.pdfpdfTEST_LH2_tandem_150114.pdf PionBeamStartDetector.pdf manage833.0 189.8 K 15 Jan 2014 03 Apr 2013 - 14:11 08:41 ThierryHennino WolfgangKoenig result of the LH2 test at the Pion Beam Start Detector design & simulation Orsay tandem
THennino_pactandem_140213.pdfTEST_LH2_tandem_150114.pdfpdfTHennino_pactandem_140213.pdf TEST_LH2_tandem_150114.pdf manage760.2 833.0 K 15 Feb 2013 Jan 2014 - 09:08 14:11 ThierryHenninoresult of the LH2 target test proposal at the Orsay tandem
acceptance_electrons.rootTHennino_pactandem_140213.pdfroot pdf acceptance_electrons.root THennino_pactandem_140213.pdf manage313.3 760.2 K 19 Sep 2017 15 Feb 2013 - 15:29 09:08 BeatriceRamstein ThierryHennino acceptance matrix for electrons LH2 target test proposal
acceptance_positrons.rootacceptance_electrons.rootrootacceptance_positrons.root acceptance_electrons.root manage329.2 313.3 K 19 Sep 2017 - 15:29BeatriceRamsteinacceptance matrix for positrons electrons
chamber.pdfacceptance_positrons.rootpdf root chamber.pdf acceptance_positrons.root manage831.7 329.2 K 08 Mar 2013 19 Sep 2017 - 13:42 15:29 LauraFabbietti BeatriceRamstein Solid Work drawings of acceptance matrix for positrons the final detector assembly
data_august2014.xlsxchamber.pdfxlsx pdf data_august2014.xlsx chamber.pdf manage11.0 831.7 K 11 Sep 2014 08 Mar 2013 - 08:47 13:42 ThierryHennino LauraFabbietti data summary september 2014 Solid Work drawings of the final detector assembly
hades_beam_settings.pdfdata_august2014.xlsxpdf xlsx hades_beam_settings.pdf data_august2014.xlsx manage60.6 11.0 K 30 Apr 11 Sep 2014 - 18:51 08:47 PiotrSalabura ThierryHennino settings of magnets and data summary september 2014 file names for the measurement of the beam transmission (pdf and excel file)
hades_beam_settings.xlsxhades_beam_settings.pdfxlsx pdf hades_beam_settings.xlsx hades_beam_settings.pdf manage10.7 60.6 K 30 Apr 2014 - 18:53 18:51 PiotrSalaburasettings of magnets and file names for the measurement of the beam transmission (pdf and excel file)
pion_beam_epem.pdfhades_beam_settings.xlsxpdf xlsx pion_beam_epem.pdf hades_beam_settings.xlsx manage297.7 10.7 K 27 Aug 30 Apr 2014 - 17:34 18:53 WitoldPrzygoda PiotrSalabura Pion beam e+e- (ver 27.08.14 evening)
pion_exp_target_consid.pptxpion_beam_epem.pdfpptx pdf pion_exp_target_consid.pptx pion_beam_epem.pdf manage1051.1 297.7 K 02 Sep 27 Aug 2014 - 07:56 17:34 PiotrSalabura WitoldPrzygoda consideration on targets for pion experiment Pion beam e+e- (ver 27.08.14 evening) and update on count estimates
pion_intro_hades.pptpion_exp_target_consid.pptxppt pptx pion_intro_hades.ppt pion_exp_target_consid.pptx manage5956.0 1051.1 K 02 Sep 2014 - 07:50 07:56 PiotrSalaburaintroduction to HADES consideration on targets for pion physics programme experiment and update on count estimates
pions_from_august.pdfpion_intro_hades.pptpdf ppt pions_from_august.pdf pion_intro_hades.ppt manage299.2 5956.0 K 30 Aug 02 Sep 2014 - 07:15 07:50 PiotrSalaburaone,two introduction to HADES pion events from physics programme day 232/233-pdf file
pions_from_august.pptxpions_from_august.pdfpptx pdf pions_from_august.pptx pions_from_august.pdf manage248.8 299.2 K 30 Aug 2014 - 07:17 07:15 PiotrSalaburaone,two pion events from day 232/233 232/233-pdf file
piontracker-30-08-2014.pdfpions_from_august.pptxpdf pptx piontracker-30-08-2014.pdf pions_from_august.pptx manage1493.5 248.8 K 01 Sep 30 Aug 2014 - 16:11 07:17 JoanaWirth PiotrSalabura PionTracker one,two pion events from day 232/233 :Hitfinder
pipi_hades.cpppiontracker-30-08-2014.pdfcpp pdf pipi_hades.cpp piontracker-30-08-2014.pdf manage6.3 1493.5 K 12 Mar 01 Sep 2014 - 14:09 16:11 PiotrSalabura JoanaWirth root macro for 2pi PionTracker:Hitfinder
pt_0.pngpipi_hades.cpppng cpp pt_0.png pipi_hades.cpp manage19.0 6.3 K 06 Jul 12 Mar 2014 - 17:54 14:09 KirillLapidus PiotrSalabura it is very preliminary root macro for 2pi
summary_data_300414.xlsxpt_0.pngxlsx png summary_data_300414.xlsx pt_0.png manage11.7 19.0 K 01 May 06 Jul 2014 - 11:35 17:54 ThierryHennino KirillLapidus summary of settings for it is very preliminary transport coefficients measurements
utility_general.cppsummary_data_300414.xlsxcpp xlsx utility_general.cpp summary_data_300414.xlsx manage2.5 11.7 K 12 Mar 01 May 2014 - 14:11 11:35 PiotrSalabura ThierryHennino summary of settings for transport coefficients measurements
utility_general.cppcpputility_general.cppmanage 2.5 K 12 Mar 2014 - 14:11PiotrSalabura  

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