Driver installation for the Acromag PMC module

  • Download the driver software from acromag (or ask Ingo)
  • Go to pmcdx501/devdx501/ and #define KERNEL_DBG_OUTPUT for more help
  • edit ../pmcdx501.h

#define PMCDXBOARD (word)0x424B
/* Pmcdx2002 device ID */
#define PMCDXARRAY "./utility/xc2v2002.h"
/* contains Pmcdx2002 data array See HFileGenerator.c */
#define DEVICE_NAME     "apmcdx2002"
/* the name of the device */

  • define the same target in the Makefile
  • make kernel module as root
  • make the dev-node
  • insmod apmcdx2002.ko
  • Check /var/log/messages:

Feb 10 15:39:24 hadc09 kernel: try to fine PLX = 16d5 424b 0 
Feb 10 15:39:24 hadc09 kernel: 
Feb 10 15:39:24 hadc09 kernel: mapped PLX  region addr  = E0020000
Feb 10 15:39:24 hadc09 kernel: mapped FPGA region addr1 = E0180000

  • the demonstration program is relly stupid: One can flash with factory xilinx configuration, not with a user file

Make the loader file

From the XILINX bit file, the mcs-loader file can be produced with this command:

/usr/local/Xilinx/bin/lin/promgen -w -p mcs -c FF -o /home/hadaq/acromag/design/DX2002test/ingo.mcs -u 0 /home/hadaq/acromag/design/DX2002test/XC2V2002.bit -s 1048576


The location of the software is in vme/support.

  • prog_acromag direct filename.mcs
  • prog_acromag read offset
  • prog_acromag write offset value
values are in hex format

Later, the ctrl-programs should link the prog_acromag functions (same as xild and prog_sh)

-- IngoFroehlich - 10 Feb 2006
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