Padiwa and PadiwaAmps1 bookkeeping



Serial Number current location Patch A Patch B FPGA design comment
1 D-Lab

ok, MAMI board, temp_sensor broken?

ch5 330uH (L26 short)

2 Sergey, CERN ECAL     ok
3 D-Lab
Hodo     ok
4 Sergey, CERN Hodo     ok

ch7: fast broken (no noise)

ch8: connector ripped off

ch1-3: PSD Mod2

ch4-6: ECAL optimized2

6 D-Lab ECAL    

ch3_slow: broken (2. Transistor broken)

ch8_slow: broken (2. Transistor broken)

7 D-Lab ECAL    

ch4_slow: broken (2. Transistor broken

ch7_slow: small signal (2. Transistor broken?)

8 D-Lab
ECAL     ok
9 D-Lab ECAL     ok
10 D-Lab ECAL    

ch1_slow: broken (2. Transistor broken)

ch2_slow: broken (2. Transistor broken)

ch8_slow: broken (2. Transistor broken)

11 ??? ECAL    

ch3_slow: broken

ch6_slow: broken

12 Marek Palka??? ECAL      
13 D-Lab

Hodo mod

ch2_slow: broken (2. Transistor broken)

14 D-Lab
ECAL     ok
15 Sergey, CERN
ECAL     ok
16 D-Lab Hodo    

ch3: connector ripped off

ch2: ch3: connector ripped off

ch2: Lemo connected direct to FPGA input (removed resistor and diode)

17 Jan, IKF Frankfurt ECAL     ch8_slow: broken
18 D-Lab ECAL     short on V_term
19 D-Lab ECAL    

ch3: connector broken

ch4: connector broken

ch5: connector broken

ch6: mod (???)

20 D-Lab ECAL    

ch1: mod (R???=110, C???=4N7)

ch2: mod (R???=110, C???=4N7)

ch6_fast: broken

21 D-Lab

ECAL opt1



ch1: mod (R???=11)

ch2: mod (R???=11)

ch7: 330uH

ch8: 330uH

ch3-8: ECAL optimized1

ch7-8: PSD Mod1

ch6-8: slow broken (2. Transistor broken)

22 D-Lab ECAL     not working, no resistor patch!!!
23 Andreas Neiser, Mainz ECAL      
24 Jan, IKF Frankfurt ECAL      

-- MichaelTraxler - 24 Jun 2014
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