A short version of the DAQ manual.

This is a working version of the document, if you see some changes in the startup procedure feel free to update this page.

To startup the HADES-DAQ do the following.
If there was a power-outage call experts or try to remove parameter "-m CONFIGONLY" and start startup script (wait ~ 3min), if it doesn't work try again with "-m CONFIGONLY".
Use the vncservers on lxhadesdaq to work.

The complete DAQ-system consists of the operation of the electronics in the cave (DAQ) and 
additionally of storing of data (eventbuilder)

DAQ:            vncviewer lxhadesdaq:1
Eventbuilder:   vncviewer lxhadesdaq:3


To startup the DAQ, type in the startup-screen and startup-window:

./startup.pl -f main_hades.script -m TOF -m RPC -m WALL -m RICH -m SHOWER -m STARTCTS -m MDC -m MDCDATASET -m thresh50 -m -m EB1  -m CONFIGONLY

Wait around 30 seconds.

If there is TX_BUSY choose no as an answer and try to start again if it is persistent then call experts.
If there is a problem with the subsystem, to disable it, put NO in front of the system name e.g. : NOSHOWER.

Then the triggers have to be enabled.

For cosmics enable the triggers from TOF, RPC and FWALL by typing:

daqop set cts input phys on (registers addresses has to be updated - not usable now)
daqop set cts antico off (registers addresses has to be updated - not usable now)

To test with pulser:

daqop set cts pulser on (registers addresses has to be updated - not usable now)

If you want to change the pulser frequency:
daqop set cts pulser rate 15 (registers addresses has to be updated - not usable now)
( when value > 0 frequency = 1/(value*10+10) else it is not generated)

Now you want write data to tape:
Automatic start of parallel EBs can be done in hadaq@lxhadesdaq:~/trbsoft/daq/evtbuild/. via:
./start_eb_gbe.pl -e start
To stop EBs:
./start_eb_gbe.pl -e stop
The list of sources is in the:

To start EB monitoring:

Or switch to Eventbuilder-vncviewer and do it manually.
Switch to the screen EB1. Then there are two windows, where you have to start two programs.
First the daq_evtbuild then the daq_netmem.

taskset -c 0 /home/hadaq/bin/daq_evtbuild -q 128 -m 12 -S 1 --ebnum 1 -o /data01/data/ -x co  -d file

then daq_netmem:
taskset 0x400 daq_netmem -m 12 -S 1 -q 128 -i UDP: -i UDP: -i UDP: -i UDP: -i \
 UDP: -i UDP: -i UDP: -i UDP:  -i UDP:  -i UDP: \
-i UDP: -i UDP:

That's it.

Then change the screen to DAQ->monitoring and enjoy your time.

For monitoring type (on lxhadesdaq in two different *large* windows)

daqop global monitor
daqop hub monitor

-- JerzyPietraszko - 16 Aug 2010
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