To program FPGA via jam you should:
  1. copy your file.stapl to: or in Cracow,
  2. log on the etrax fs(GSI: from telnet,
  3. go to NFS directory /home/hadaq/,
  4. use the command: /home/hadaq/jam  -aRUN_XILINX_PROC /home/hadaq/file.stapl.
I compiled the image-kernel in:
  1. hadaq@hadeb05:/home/hadaq/soft/devboard-fs for GSI
  2. fro Ingo
  3. for Santiago de Compostela
  4. it was a system for Coimbra, but I dont remember now
I'm always TRY to take this same configuration files.

Changes, which are needed to run jam:
  1. make -C os/linux-2.6 menuconfig
    1. => Drivers for built-in interfaces" -> 'GPIO support' = on
      -> 'PA-buttons bitmask' = 0x00
      -> 'PA user changeable dir mask' = 0x0F
      -> 'PA user changeable bits mask' = 0xFF

The source of jam is in: hadaq@hadeb05:/home/hadaq/soft/devboard-fs/apps/jtag

-- RadekTrebacz - 06 Sep 2006
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