There are two applications:



--response for sending triggers & reading RAM1, RAM2 & sending this data via ethernet. This application takes three arguments:
  1. IP number of server,
  2. number of triggers,
  3. boolean value -> write(=1) or not(=0) to local file on etrax

Example(server is running on /mnt/flash/ram2eth 10000 0 Etrax is sending in this case 10000 triggers to the FPGA, next sending the data to server, which is localized on and not saving this data on the local disk (/var/testOutput).



-- response for receiving data from ram2eth and save it to the file 'TDC_data.dat'.

Except these files there exists the script:

-- set up the port B && start the ram2eth application with 2 parameters:
  1. number IP of the server,
  2. 1 or 0 - save(=1) or not(=0) the data to the local file on etrax. This script takes one argument: number of triggers

Example: /mnt/flash/ 10000

RECAPITULATION: One should start:
  1. ./eth2file on the machine where the TDC_data should be saved;
  2. /mnt/flash/ _num_of_triggers_ on the Etrax

-- RadekTrebacz - 12 Jul 2005

Topic revision: r7 - 14 Jul 2005, RadekTrebacz
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