TRB (TDC - Readout-Board for RPC and other tasks)

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New (Jan. 2011) development for TDC applications


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Important Pages


HPTDC calibration measurements

Improvements for the future (new software and new TRB)

  • Kris made the very smart remark: Why do we copy data from Dual-Ported-Ram to ETRAX RAM and then to Ethernet. We agreed that we will keep everything as it is (copy it) and change to a smarter transfer after the first running-TRB in the HADES-experiment (so after October 2005)
  • I want to ask: Why do we have a dual-ported RAM at all? We don't use it! So, in the next version of the TRB I would opt for a FIFO there.
  • The next (after October) software version of TRB should make all event-formatting to the HADES-event-standard in the FPGA. Now we keep the C-version, because it is easier to change.
  • Add in addition the TigerSHARC TS201, a bigger XILINX (LX40) and the TLK2501 for the MU (and later also trigger-transfer)

For the new TRBv2 have a look to TDCReadoutBoardV2

RPC Documentation

Feature List:

  • : Question to Radek: What is the transferspeed of reading data from external memory to internal one (MBytes/s)?
  • : Answer: Average transfer speed is 1,3 MBytes/s from Etrax to an external Computer which receives the data.

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