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List of patches compiled by Marcin on 06.05.2005 Error list in order of tracing them: 1 RESET is output from ETRAX 1 MRESET is input to ETRAX (place manual switch ...
Things we learned from Etrax_FS_Dev1 1 A Ceramic Capacitor (100V) on 48V is missing (100nF). 1 Take care of the LEDs. They are not correct on the ETRAX_FS_DEV1 ...
LIST OF ERRORS FOUND IN THE TRBv2A DESIGN: * Event and bunch reset signals for TDCs come from FPGA to all four TDCs. In V2 those signals are LVDS and FPGA should ...
* The add on connector should be: QTE 040 02 (larger distance between TRB and add on, no impact for the user! Main.MichaelTraxler 05 Jun 2007
Add connection between temperature sensor and FPGA (additional to connection to Etrax) (Fix on Trbv2: wire from via next to Pin1 of temperature sensor to JP266 test ...
Errors found in the MDC Optical AddOn1 design 1 The silk screen (text on the PCB) of the LEDs are not corresponding to the FOT number. So, e.g. FOT13 has a LED ...
AddOns The pictures shown are a sized down. Download the file from the table to see the high resolution version. Trb2 B Connect Temperature Sensor to FPGA: Via one ...
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