We must rerun efficiency, because track selection in pair filler changed definition in june 2005

  • 1. Tassilo: problem to read old geant files with new code. can this be solved ?
  • 2. if yes, proceed with 4.
  • 3. if no, redo geant files with with track embedding, new alignment, new geant, root, hydra (1 week cpu)
  • 4. rerun dsts with new hydra, new root consistent with dst nov02 gen4 !
  • 5. rerun pluto dsts with new root, hydra; geant files already done ?!
  • 6. create new matrices, high statistics, do self-consistency check with pluto->geant filtered by acceptance !
  • 7. document everything in wiki. Laura starts by putting her self-consistency documentation in wiki.
  • 8. witek runs all statistics at E12, writes coherent docu in wiki on full procedure.

-- ThomasEberl - 21 Nov 2005

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