With gspart you can define additional (or modify existing) particles in (H)Geant.
In HGeant this is done for the following particles:
uginit.F: call gspart(52,"omega",3,0.7819,0.,7.808e-23 ,ubuf,0) ! omega meson uginit.F: call gspart(41,"rho0",3,0.7699,0.,4.37e-24 ,ubuf,0) ! rho meson uginit.F: call gspart(42,"rho+",4,0.7699,1.,4.37e-24 ,ubuf,0) uginit.F: call gspart(43,"rho-",4,0.7699,-1.,4.37e-24 ,ubuf,0) uginit.F: call gspart(55,"phi",3,1.0194,0.,1.486e-22 ,ubuf,0) ! phi uginit.F: call gspart(53,"etaprime",3,0.9577,0.,3.275e-21 ,ubuf,0) ! etaprime uginit.F: call gspart(34,"Delta0",3,1.232,0.,5.48e-24 ,ubuf,0) ! Delta0 uginit.F: call gspart(35,"Delta++",4,1.232,2.,5.48e-24 ,ubuf,0) ! Delta++ uginit.F: call gspart(36,"Delta+",4,1.232,1.,5.48e-24 ,ubuf,0) ! Delta+ uginit.F: call gspart(37,"Delta-",4,1.232,-1.,5.48e-24 ,ubuf,0) ! Delta-



Stores the constants describing the particle. IPART in the data structure JPART.
IPART (INTEGER) particle number;
CHNPAR (CHARACTER*20) particle name;
ITRTYP (INTEGER) type of tracking routine requested:
1 particle tracked by GTGAMA;
2 particle tracked by GTELEC;
3 particle tracked by GTNEUT;
4 particle tracked by GTHADR;
5 particle tracked by GTMUON;
6 geantino tracked by GTNINO;
7 heavy ion tracked by GTCKOV;
8 light photon tracked by GTHION;
AMASS (REAL) particle mass in GeV;
CHARGE (REAL) particle charge;
TLIFE (REAL) particle life time (in seconds);
UB (REAL) array of NWB user additional parameters;
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