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(last changed by GosiaSudol) 2019-06-24T21:40:58Z GosiaSudol HomepageGosiaSudolExperimentComparison https://hades-wiki.gsi.de/foswiki/bin/view/Homepages/HomepageGosiaSudolExperimentComparison I tried to compare data on mult_pi per A_part between HADES, FOPI, TAPS, and KAOS. But as you know, data require several corrections, so this comparison is alwayd ... (last changed by GosiaSudol) 2019-06-24T09:35:08Z GosiaSudol WebPreferences https://hades-wiki.gsi.de/foswiki/bin/view/Homepages/WebPreferences Homepages Web Preferences The following settings are web preferences of the Homepages web. These preferences overwrite the site level preferences in ., and can be ... (last changed by JochenMarkert) 2019-06-07T08:58:37Z JochenMarkert HowmepageGosiaSudolPublicationPlots https://hades-wiki.gsi.de/foswiki/bin/view/Homepages/HowmepageGosiaSudolPublicationPlots In order to keep important information clean from many plots which are in other tabs, here i would like to insert all plots which i propose to have in the paper in ... (last changed by GosiaSudol) 2019-06-04T21:12:28Z GosiaSudol HowmepageGosiaSudolModelComparison https://hades-wiki.gsi.de/foswiki/bin/view/Homepages/HowmepageGosiaSudolModelComparison In the following you can find comparison of our data with 5 models within 10% centrality classes. For transverse mass spectra comparison is done for mid rapidity ... (last changed by GosiaSudol) 2019-05-27T07:47:06Z GosiaSudol GosiaSudolHomepageAnisotropy https://hades-wiki.gsi.de/foswiki/bin/view/Homepages/GosiaSudolHomepageAnisotropy Comparison of the anisotropy from exp with all models presented in paper has been done in addition. Also please have a look into older HADES pion paper from CC. ... (last changed by GosiaSudol) 2019-05-23T08:33:13Z GosiaSudol GosiaSudolHomepageSystematicError https://hades-wiki.gsi.de/foswiki/bin/view/Homepages/GosiaSudolHomepageSystematicError Systematics error for the charged pion analysis. All systematic errors were investigated in paraller by Heidi and myself several time over several DST generation ... (last changed by GosiaSudol) 2019-05-08T10:44:02Z GosiaSudol HomepageTatyanaGalatyuk https://hades-wiki.gsi.de/foswiki/bin/view/Homepages/HomepageTatyanaGalatyuk Di Lepton Physics Working Group Motivation: * Microscopic structure of strongly interacting matter under extreme conditions * Vector mesons in baryon rich ... (last changed by TatyanaGalatyuk) 2017-11-16T13:07:21Z TatyanaGalatyuk ImpactParameterAuAuGlauber https://hades-wiki.gsi.de/foswiki/bin/view/Homepages/ImpactParameterAuAuGlauber Impact parameter distributions from GlauberMC for Au Au at 1.23 A GeV Main.BehruzKardan 15 Dec 2015 (last changed by BehruzKardan) 2015-12-15T15:29:23Z BehruzKardan HomepageBehruzKardan https://hades-wiki.gsi.de/foswiki/bin/view/Homepages/HomepageBehruzKardan * ImpactParameterAuAuGlauber Main.BehruzKardan 15 Dec 2015 (last changed by BehruzKardan) 2015-12-15T14:41:30Z BehruzKardan RichDigiPar https://hades-wiki.gsi.de/foswiki/bin/view/Homepages/RichDigiPar Here should be the report, how to achieve the best RICH Digitizer parameters. list of used macros (all can be found in /home/mweber/hades/digitizer/ or here: digitizerStudies ... (last changed by MichaelWeber) 2013-01-30T15:08:49Z MichaelWeber TestOfNewTOFElectronicsNOV08 https://hades-wiki.gsi.de/foswiki/bin/view/Homepages/TestOfNewTOFElectronicsNOV08 The purpose of the test was to check the performance of the new ADDON module on the real cosmics signals from the TOF photomultipliers. The ADDON is a 128channel leading ... (last changed by PavelTlusty) 2008-11-26T20:22:14Z PavelTlusty Rapidity https://hades-wiki.gsi.de/foswiki/bin/view/Homepages/Rapidity C C pions rapidity fits with temperature formula y = C * T^3 * ( (m0/T)^2 2*m0/(T*cosh(y*y_cm)) 2/(cosh(y*y_cm)**2) ) *exp( m0*cosh(y*y_cm)/T) where y = (y_lab ... (last changed by PavelTlusty) 2008-05-28T13:44:51Z PavelTlusty LeftBarJohannesRoskoss https://hades-wiki.gsi.de/foswiki/bin/view/Homepages/LeftBarJohannesRoskoss Customise this topic; samples and ideas available at TWiki:System.WebLeftBarExampleCookbook. * My links * My home page * ... (last changed by JohannesRoskoss) 2007-10-29T10:49:39Z JohannesRoskoss InvestigationsSummer07YvonnePachmayer https://hades-wiki.gsi.de/foswiki/bin/view/Homepages/InvestigationsSummer07YvonnePachmayer Investigations Summer 2007 Rapidity Comparison Pluto and HSD Comparison UrQMD and experimental Data Comparison single lepton spectra UrQMD and exp Comparison ... (last changed by YvonnePachmayer) 2007-10-16T09:24:09Z YvonnePachmayer ComparisonExpUrQMDPairs https://hades-wiki.gsi.de/foswiki/bin/view/Homepages/ComparisonExpUrQMDPairs Comparison of UrQMD and Experimental Data the spectra are normalised accordingly. red: exp. data blue: simulation magenta: ratio of experiment and simulation cleary ... (last changed by YvonnePachmayer) 2007-09-07T17:14:20Z YvonnePachmayer

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