POPUPWINDOW{"topic" ...} -- opens a topic or url in a new window

  • Parameters:
    Parameter:Sorted ascending Description: Default:
    "topic", topic="topic", topic="web.topic" Topic to open  
    center Center the window? "0"
    createnew Create a new window for each popup? "1"
    height Height of window "480"
    label Link label the topic or the url
    left Left position "0"
    location Show location bar? "0"
    menubar Show menubar? "0"
    resizable Is the window resizable? "1"
    scrollbars Show scrollbars? "1"
    status Show status? "1"
    template View template to call when viewing a topic; not used for URLs "viewplain"
    toolbar Show toolbars? "0"
    top Top position "0"
    url URL to open (if topic is not used)  
    width Width of window "600"
  • Example with topic link:
    %POPUPWINDOW{"VarPOPUPWINDOW" label="Open this topic in a new window"}%
    Generates: Open this topic in a new window
  • Example with url:
    Generates: http://foswiki.org
  • Enable POPUPWINDOW by writing %JQREQUIRE{"popupwindow"}% on the page