CVS Basics

Here are some most often used CVS commands. After you got your local copy of a module, all the CVS commands related to the module you should do inside the module directory.
  • Export CVS_RSH if not already done: export CVS_RSH=ssh
  • How to checkout module "hadaq": cvs -d checkout hadaq
  • How to update your local copy of module: cvs update
  • How to commit modified files: cvs commit -m "your message" file1 file2
  • How to add new files to a module:
    • cvs add file1 file2
    • cvs commit -m "your message" file1 file2
  • How to create a new module: cvs import module_name vendor_tag symbolic_tagname

CVS Code Repositories

All VHDL, C and other code should be put to the cvs under /misc/hadesprojects/daq/cvsroot/ to keep it available for everyone - it also gives some additional security in case of a failure on your machine.

Module CVS tag Subdirs Content
rich_adcm - . VHDL for Rich ADCM
mdc_dc_readoutv2 - . VHDL for OEPBv2
trbbase - . VHDL for Acromag
trbnet - . VHDL related to TrbNet
- basics VHDL basic entities like ram, rom etc.
- lattice/ecp2m VHDL specific for Lattice ECP/2M
- lattice/scm VHDL specific for Lattice SCM
- special VHDL special purpose, trbnet related stuff
- xilinx VHDL Fifos, PLL, DCM, DDR - all xilinx specific stuff
trbsoft - . Software for Etrax on TRB2
- daq DAQ Startup scripts & Settings
- libtrbnet Interface to trbnet
- mdc daqop, MDC specific software
- trbrich Flash programming, RICH specific software
hadaq - . C code for event building etc. plus libhadaq.a
stab_sep08 . code used during sep08 beam-time
stab_oct07 . code used during oct07 beam-time
compat - . C library to provide compatibility concerning used standard functions between the different operating systems used for the HADES DAQ
allParam - . C library to provide an unified access to parameters using different souces like files, ca server or the Oracle database
lvme - . C library to have an unified access to the VME bus on different operating systems
latm - . C library to have an unified access to the ATM interface on different operating systems
xild - . Program to load FPGA designs into Xilinx FPGAs
runctrl - . Package to control the DAQ system on basis of EPICS ca servers, EPICS sequencers and EPICS GUIs. Contains subdirectories with drivers for each single DAQ device (VME card)
hwreadout - . C code for readout of different detector systems
ebctrl - . control of parallel event building based on EPICS tools
- ioc code for EPICS IO-Controllers including all EPICS support code
- mon GUIs based on MEDM
hades-archivist - . perl script for archiving hld files to tapes
trbtdctools - . perl script and config files for producing jam files to program TDCs
oper - . perl scripts and config files for DAQ control (start, stop etc.)
daqctrl_scripts - . more scripts for DAQ control
tools - . even more scripts for DAQ control and other things
daq_remote_access - . perl scripts for remote access to hld files
nagios - . a system and network monitoring application
- config configuration files
- plugins plugin scripts for monitoring

Please hold this list up to date (and also the CVS itself!) to make it as easy as possible for other people to access code they might or might not need.

-- JanMichel - 22 Dec 2008
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