DCSNetwork Switch Configuration Triple Vlan Split DLink DGS1510


The objective is to configure a network switch, D-Link DGS 1510-28 L3 switch with 24 RJ45 + 4 SFP ports to provide 3 independent access blocks of ports serving 3 different VLANs.
Two modes are foreseen:
  1. 3 blocks of 7+1 ports with each having a separate uplink to an untagged access port of the next higher network switch
    • 3 up-links
  2. 3 blocks of 8 ports served by a common VLAN ID tagged uplink SFP/RJ45 to an trunk port of the next higher network switch
    • requires configuration of the next higher switch, maybe administrated by others
    • 1 up-link:



Preparatory Work

Connecting the switch

Starting from scratch the factory settings offer an ip connection on IP ( on interface vlan1 at every port of the switch. If you have a PC with a suitable network setting skip Configuring the IP Address

Configuring the IP Address

Connection via Console Port

To connect directly to the switch we use the Console Port of the switch and the special Console Cable (RJ-45 to RS-232) .
  1. Connect the RS-232 end of the console cable to the Serial Port of the management PC or an RS-232 to Ethernet Comport
  2. Connect the RJ-45 end of the console cable to the Console Port of the Switch.
  3. Configure a terminal emulation program on the management PC or or the comport settings to have
    • 115200 baud, 8N1,no flow control
  4. connect to switch
  5. login: admin/(same as username) (default)

Command Line Interface (CLI): ip address
  1. enter the following command sequence:
%CODE{ "perl" }% Switch> enable Switch# configure terminal Switch(config)# interface vlan 1 Switch(config-if)# ip address Switch(config-if)# exit %ENDCODE%

Connect via Web-based User Interface

  • Use a browser to connect to the (pre/above ) defined IP
    • Login: admin/(same password as username)

  • assume port 1 connected for the management

create additional (independent) VLANs

  1. Descend the directory:
    • L2 FeaturesVLAN802.1Q VLAN
  2. Configure for each VLAN (block) a new VID:
    1. VID List e.g. : 111,222,333
    2. Apply
    3. optionally edit VLAN Name
    4. Save configuration


set-up VLAN Interface

  1. Descend the directory:
    • L2 FeaturesVLANVLAN Interface
  2. Edit (and Clone) each VLAN Interface Port Configuration:
    port vlan ID (VID) description VLAN Mode Acceptable Frame Type Ingress Checking Enabled
    1 1 management - DO NOT CHANGE Hybrid (Native LAN) Admit All yes
    2-8 111 (HADES) ACCESS Untagged Only yes
    9-16 222 (GSI) ACCESS Untagged Only yes
    17-24 333 (IPMI) ACCESS Untagged Only yes
    25-28 1 (default settings/ not used) Hybrid (Native LAN) Admit All yes
  3. Save configuration

Final Configuration

... via Configuration File

  1. Download this configuration file
  2. optionally modify VIDs
  3. Use Configuration Restore & Backup to pload configuration file:
  4. Save configuration

... from Scratch via Console
  1. open console connection (see chapter ... )
  2. deactivate ip settings for default VLAN vlan1 no ip address
    and set ip address for vlan111
    %CODE{ "perl" }% haddcssw01(config)#interface vlan 1 haddcssw01(config-if)#no ip address haddcssw01(config-if)#exit haddcssw01(config)#interface vlan 111 haddcssw01(config-if)#ip address haddcssw01(config-if)#exit haddcssw01(config)#end %ENDCODE%
  3. switch configuration of port 1 to from vlan1 to vlan111 and change mode to access
    %CODE{ "perl" }% haddcssw01(config)#interface ethernet 1/0/1 haddcssw01(config-if)#switchport mode access haddcssw01(config-if)#switchport access vlan 111 haddcssw01(config-if)#end %ENDCODE%



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