Short term To-Do List DAQ


Prio. Topic Status Person
5 In-depth documentation of CTS settings & behaviour not started  
4 Write documentation for CTS monitors not started  
5 Document TOF / RPC / Start / FW read-out not started  
5 Documentation of Baseline Restorer Board Configuration partly done, some rework needed  


Prio. Topic Status Person
7 Show error messages from trbcmd in daqop done Boris
7 Solve segmentation fault errors in daqop monitors switched to perl Boris
7 Update daqop monitor to show new CTS registers done SY
5 Implement multi-threading in all Perl based monitors not started  
5 Write Pexor - TrbNet - Code started JM, LM
7 Tool to monitoring boards that fail / disappear / switch off not started SY


Prio. Topic Status Person
7 Investigate discarded events problem in EB above approx. 5 kHz & discarded 0x9 type events 14.10. - seems to be solved / understood SY
5 Improve speed of start-up sequence    


Prio. Topic Status Person
7 Implement & test LVL1 handler 2010-10-10: finished GK
7 LVL1 handler statistics and status registers 2010-10-10: finished GK
9 Finish implementing retransmission feature seems to be working, waiting for beam JM
5 Prepare including a second TRB for slow control purposes done JM
5 Solve Gbe errors (frame buffer full, no link) 2010-10-10: finished GK
5 Compress unnecessary headers in hub   JM
5 Compress MDC data   JM
5 Implement multi-event queues started GK


Prio. Topic Status Person
8 Implement optical link for SCM working, needs patch on CTS MP, JM

TOF systems

Prio. Topic Status Person
5 Downscaling of the headers and trailers from the TDCs (reducing the amount of the data from this systems) done MP

Cables & Installation

Prio. Topic Status Person
5 Exchanges trigger cables between TOF & FanPW with shielded ones not started  

Long term To-Do List DAQ

Prio. Topic Status Person
5 Reduce busy times for pp run    
5 Reduce start-up times for optical links    
5 Improve pipelining in GbE interface (>50MB/s)    

-- JanMichel - 23 Sep 2010
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