How to start

  1. Below you can find images for TRB. If you cannot find your image, mail to Radek( Lets include information about NFS-server [IP] and NFS-directory where the files for TRB will be stored
    fimage_wortche: fimage for Heinrich Woertche
    fimage_santiago: fimage for Santiago
    fimage_gsi: fimage for GSI
    fimage_coimbra: fimage for Coimbra
  2. prepare DHCP server to develop IP address and netmask for MAC address of TRB. MAC of TRB is 00:40:BC:AD:E5:XX, where XX is ID of TRB. If you dont know what is that, contact with your admin smile
  3. Connect TRB to LV supply. The voltage should be nominal 48V (38-72V)
  4. Connect TRB to the net via ethernet cable. WARNING: if you want to connect the TRB with the host computer DIRECTLY you have to use an "ethernet crossover cable".
  5. Download and unpack flashTool.tar [tar xvvzf flashTool.tar], next overwrite fimage by the one of the fimages, and USE this flashTool

Content of README file from flashTool:
To flash this image:
   1. set SBOOT[switch on the board] to A,
   2. type:
      ./boot_etraxfs -d ethX -F -i ./fimage, 
      where ethX is ethernet interface

      If you see something like this:
         Using internal boot loader: INTERNAL_NW - Network boot (default).
         Using internal boot loader: INTERNAL2 - Level2 boot.
         Starting boot...

      and nothing happen, it means that:
         1. you were using wrong ethernet interface(ethX). It should be usually eth0 or eht1,
         2. switch SW1 on the TRB isn't A,
         3. there is no physical connection between TRB and the image-develop computer,
         4. your ethernet cable is wrong.

      If you see 
         Exiting with code 0
      but after more or less 1 minute you cannot connect with the TRB:
         1. check in the /var/log/messages(as root on the image-develop computer), if the TRB got DHCPACK(DHCP server log)
   3. set SBOOT to 0 and reboot (power-off/on) and see if everything is OK

-- RadekTrebacz - 03 Jul 2007

I Attachment Action Size Date Who Comment
fimage_coimbraEXT fimage_coimbra manage 4 MB 2007-07-17 - 16:33 RadekTrebacz coi
fimage_gsiEXT fimage_gsi manage 4 MB 2007-07-17 - 16:03 RadekTrebacz gsi
flashTool.tartar flashTool.tar manage 3 MB 2007-07-19 - 18:51 RadekTrebacz dsa
flashTool2.tartar flashTool2.tar manage 6 MB 2007-07-19 - 18:40 RadekTrebacz dws
flashtool.tartar flashtool.tar manage 6 MB 2007-07-19 - 18:37 RadekTrebacz dsa
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