MDC-Upgrade: MDC-Optical-Endpoint Hardware test

Here we collect the documents relative hardware measurement

Chip's temperatures

-- AttilioTarantola and Yanyu - 23 May 2008

In the attached document we record the temperature of the chips. The test's conditions are described in the document.

The Lattice-device utilization during the test is:

Ignore Preference Error(s):  True

Device utilization summary:

APIO               4/18           22% used

PIO               13/330           3% used

13/140           9% bonded

IOLOGIC            2/330          <1% used

SLICE            102/9612          1% used

EBR                2/66            3% used

PLL                2/2           100% used

PCS                1/1           100% used

Number of Signals: 403

Number of Connections: 891

Pin Constraint Summary:

13 out of 13 pins locked (100% locked).

Level adapters: U1, U2, U3

-- AttilioTarantola and Yanyu - 23 May 2008

Introduction: the voltage translators U1, U2, U3 translate 5V<->3.3V. The stay in between the Lattice and the CLPD on the MB.

In the picture:

- yellow signal: clk (50 MHz) produced in the lattice. Input for U2 (pin 1), 2.6V.

- green signal: output for U2(pin 20), 4.2V

The time difference between the two signals is 3.1 ns. Enlarging the picture one can see the ground line stays 1V below the signal's minima (1,2)

* U2 I/O print_000.jpg:

In the following pictures:

- yellow DRA: clk (50 MHz) produced in the lattice. Input for U3 (pin 9).

- green signal: output for U3 (pin 20).

* U3 I/O print_001.jpg:

The time difference between the two signals is 1.8 ns

* U3 I/O print_002.jpg:

We didn't observe strange behaviors of U1,U2,U3.

They are always pretty warm and the temperature changes as described in the previous document (it depends of the I/O in use). Even with fast signals (clk 50 MHz) the output is present and delayed by few ns.

In the real case the fastest signal which will pass through the level adapter will be DST (data strobe 1-10 MHz).

Jitter measurement

06 Jun 2008

Differential measurement of the 100 MHz CLK (Silicon Lab 531BA135M000BG) jitter. The probe was connected at R1.

-Number of acquisition:2000

-Statistical mean: 10 ns

-Std. deviation: 5.7 ps

In the following picture we probe the CLK signal at CS1: common stop pins. The CLK signal is generated by the CLK (Silicon Lab), it passes through the Lattice and then to CS1

-Number of acquisition:2000

-Statistical mean: 10 ns

-Std. deviation: 7 ps

-Pk-Pk:.50.87 ps

The CLK has been divided by 8 and multiplied by 8.

* MDC_100_MHz_PLL_1_to_1.jpg :

Following picture:The CLK has been divided by 5 and multiplied by 4.

-Number of acquisition:2000

-Statistical mean:(80 MHz)

-Std. deviation: 9.5 ps

-Pk-Pk: 80 ps

* MDC_100_MHz_times_4_div_5_hist.jpg :

Following picture:The CLK has been divided by 4 and multiplied by 5.

-Number of acquisition:2500

-Statistical mean: 8 ns (125 MHz)

-Std. deviation: 7 ps - 6 ps

-Pk-Pk: 53 ps

* MDC_100_MHz_times_5_div_4_fft.jpg:

* MDC_100_MHz_times_5_div_4_hist.jpg:

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