Mounting new Cables and OEP to MDC

In this file you can find all information you need before working on the MDC upgrade: READ IT!

MDC OEP - Mounting



  • Power cable is marked with dark line that has to be connected in that way that the line is directed to the center of the OEP.
    • Connector is keyed, it can only be connected one way! (JW 17.4.2009)
    • Nevertheless important for those people who put together cables and connector! (KG 24.04.2009)

  • Common Stop:
    • distributed to the OEP. White cable is ground, coloured cable is directed to the center of the OEP.
    • CMS cable (complete)

  • Data optical: fibre optics connected.

  • CMS connector (April, 17th) CMS connector


  • The sector being equiped with the new readout has to be covered with the protection plates (not metal for the outer chambers)! (Eventually these plates have to be adjusted)

  • Keep trigger away from FEE because of possible electrical coupling.
    • And if possible from FPC cables! (JW 17.4.2009)

While mounting OEPs

  • A list containing all serial numbers has to be maintained, unfortunately the database is neither up-to-date nor complete. A form to write down all necessary information will be prepared (Kathrin?).
    • serial number of OEP
    • serial number of Motherboard
    • serial number of all 4 / 6 daughterboards
  • Please check especially the serial number of the OEP twice since it is vital for the readout system - inconsistencies will prevent DAQ from starting up properly.

To Do

  • White optical cables will be replaced by black ones on test chamber.

  • OEP: Power of each channel has to be checked and adjusted (6 channels per MB plus spare channels, 2520 in total)
    • Correct settings can easily be found by using the oep_voltages command to read voltages on all connected OEPs.

Open questions

  • Is it important in which way the two optical fibres are connected?
    • No, it can alway's be turned around at the TRB side. The OEP defines wich line is which direction of the connection (JW, 17.4.2009)
      • As Joern suggests we should use and keep this convention: the cable we are going to use are black (2 black wires, Tx-Rx) and they are not marked. Once the FEE is turned ON one can see from the POF (the red light emitted) which line is Tx and which is Rx. Then one can plug the POF in the MDC-Addon accordingly. (A.T. 20.04.2009)

  • How long should the cables be?
    • The front side of the chamber remains to be equipped with the new optical fibres - should they be short or should one be able to later connect them to the readout?
      • For the test system the optical fibres should be long enough, to place the TRB below the chamber between the rails of the mainframe. Once they get replaced, they need to be long enough, to be connected to the readout at the final position. Which is for the outer chambers in the mainframe (if seen in beam direction, front frame left and right lower corner of yellow frame), for the inner ones below the front platforms. (JW, 17.4.2009)
      • Ergo: all POF lengths given by the position of the test TRB setup, for the final setup POFs will be glued to a special connector
    • Servicepositions of the outer chambers (does not apply to inner chambers with cables chains): 2 solutions are presently discussed:
      • Long POFs and hence introducing loops: this will add approx. 4 m to the total POF cable length, the POFs should be grouped and covered with protection pipes, such as Example Protection Pipe. In Measuring position these loops should be secured (fixed to the mainframem additional cover).
      • POF conncectors: under investigation by Thorsten. If reliable, this would be the optimum solution!

-- KathrinGoebel - 24 Apr 2009 -- ChristianMuentz - 28 Apr 2009

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