Emergency Event Building Procedure for Jan05

  • Switch to workspace "evtb".
  • There should be two terminal windows on host "lxhadesdaq", directory "/home/hadaq/aug04/oper". If not, press the desktop button "Open EB windows".
  • In the upper window, start the eventbuilder by pressing the "Up Arrow" key, until you find the command line daq_evtbuild -q 33554432 -m 7 -d file -o /data/lxhadesdaq/jan05 -x be. (If you do not want to write a file, use daq_evtbuild -q 33554432 -m 7 -d null).
  • In the lower window, start the network receiver with the command daq_netmem -q 33554432 -m7 -i UDP: -i UDP: -i UDP: -i UDP: -i UDP: -i UDP: -i UDP:
  • For closing a file, stop both processes by pressing "Ctrl-C".

The "hadaq" button, start and stop acquisition and the run monitor work as usual. The "Event Rates" and "File Status" window in the run monitor are unusable partly usable, the output in the terminals gives the remaining information.

ALERT! CAUTION The alarm feature for discarded and mixed events is also inoperative, so closely monitor the rates of "evtsDiscarded" and "evtsTagError". Restart the acquisition, if these numbers are increasing over a longer time interval.

updated.gif The alarm feature for discarded and mixed events is operational again.

-- MathiasMuench - 01 Feb 2005
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