How to check data read out from OEP's

1. Login to lxhadesdaq

Use vncviewer / krdc to connect to the running vnc session on lxhadesdaq.
With vncviewer use vncviewer lxhadesdaq:2 or start krdc and enter lxhadesdaq:2 in the dialog. Use HADES DAQ password to login.

2. Take data (HLD file)

  1. Use vnc on lxhadesdaq:2, login with DAQ password
  2. Use desktop p058 Test konsole etraxp058
    - daqop reset network
    - daqop set flash 1 oep
    - daqop reboot oep
  3. Use konsole Run ./ (in Directory /home/hadaq/trbsoft/daq/main/) with the following two options:
    • -e etraxname : name of trb (either etrax058 or etraxp058)
    • -m setting : to load a specific set of settings, i.e. thresh10, thresh20, thresha0 and / or calib

  1. Use console etraxp058
    - If you are on etrax*p*058:
    ./bin/readout_mdc -w 10000 -I 201 -o UDP:
    If you are on etarx058:
    ./bin/readout_mdc -w 10000 -I 201 -o UDP:
  2. Change to desktop Eventbuilder
    - console EB: daq_evtbuild -m 1 -S jan -I 1 -x md -d file -o /data/lxhadesdaq/mdctest/data/
    - console NETMEM: daq_netmem -m 1 -i UDP: -S jan
    - wait for events (take a look at konsole EB), minimum 10.000*
    - ctrl + c in both consoles

If you have been disconnected from etrax

  1. Log on to ETRAX using page etrax058 console p058 Test :
    • The TRB board is connected to the private network (see label on switches), then
      • trb etraxp058
    • The TRB is connected to the public GSI network (see label on switches), then
      • trb etrax058
  2. Program FPGAs on AddOn:
    • cd /home/hadaq/mdc_oepb/scripts; ./ (This takes 2 minutes, two messages "verification failure" plus four times "Successfull" are normal)

3 Analyse data

On desktop MDC Analysis go to console root and change into directory /misc/mdc/Hxydra/oep_test/HydraNew/unpacking/analyse.
Execute the following command:

. hsc-oeptest

Edit the file unpacker.conf with your editor of choice e.g. kate. This file contains the configuration for the analysis process.
You should change only the following part:
In the section
# Output configuration

# Directory in which output file('s) will be stored.
directory = /tmp/

the directory directive gives the path where the outputfile will be written to.
In the section (near the end of the file)
# Configuration of first datasource. There can be up to 20 different directories,
# for each a seperate datasource block is used "[datasource/0..20]".

# Directory where datafiles are stored. Either .hld or .root files.
# if the taperobot is used for input, this is the path in the archive,
## otherwise it is the absolute path in the filesystem.

# List of filenames to be used in the analysis. Without filename extension!
files = md09321120655
the directive directory gives the path where the HLD files are located, while the directive files lists the hld files to be analyzed (without .hld extension!)

Now run in the actual directory (/misc/mdc/Hydra/oep_test/HydraNew/unpacking/analyse):

analyse test 10000

Wait until the programm finishes. The parameters to this program are:
  1. Name of output file (test.root in example)
  2. Number of events to be processed (10000 in example)
  3. Number of first event (not mandatory, defaults to 1)
  4. Name of config file (not mandatory, defaults to ./unpacker.conf)

4. Look at plots.

To look at the plots, open the output file with root:

*root /tmp/test.root*

as given in the example above. Once the file is opened, start a ROOT browser (new TBrowser) and open the ROOT files directory, in which you will find the test.root file. Open it, and change to the directory monitorDir/mdcDir/meanhitsraw/fpc. Here you will find the histograms with the mean number of hits per FPC cable as function of MBO number.

....MeanHitPerDBO, all boards should be on.

5. Important commands:

trbflash program 0xfffd mdc_oepb/stapl/mdc_oepb_200911113.bit


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