MT: again after reboot of r2f-35:
Jan 28 19:09:45 r2f-35 ./daq_rdotrig<E>[129]: HwTip on 18000000 not found
Jan 28 19:09:45 r2f-35 ./daq_rdotrig<E>[129]: Construction of card conc failed:Connection refused
Jan 28 19:09:45 r2f-35 ./daq_rdotrig<E>[129]: initializing hardware: Connection refused

MT: 29.01.05 12:00: tof3tip dead, no error message, power off/on, restart

RICH does not send data anymore!

-- MichaelTraxler - 29 Jan 2005

MT: the whole rich-detector (all 3 crates) is not delivering any data anymore, power off/on, restart The MU still gets its data from the RICH-IPU with rings. Readout processes are idle. Cold-Restart didn't help.

Couldn't reach Michael Boehmer nor Juergen Friese (Counting-House) by phone....

MT: it seems to be, that the LVL2 trigger Bus of the RICH-detector is not properly connected... No LVL2 trigger counts can be seen in the rich DTUs

But why is the system still running, if there are no LVL2 triggers transported to RICH????

MB: see explanation in the log book. If no LVL2 triggers are sent to to RICH, the DTU will continue working. Only pending LVL1 transports to the IPU will be made. The arbitration scheme does allow this, otherwise the whole setup would hang after the first trigger (as the appropriate LVL2 command will have a delay of max. 10 triggers due to pipelining inside the IPUs and the MU).

MT: Very strange: The file rich_p.tcl was removed from the cvs repository.. Who did this?

MathiasMuench: Dunno, but I reintroduced rich_p.tcl into CVS again. It seems, that lxg0413 is not in the backup system?! So all old versions of rich_p.tcl are lost.

MichaelTraxler - 31 Jan 2005

Symptom: RICH LVL1 busy
Looking deeper: TOF3 stopped sending data to MU
$ rw r d00E8060
read: 00000003 at d00e8060 (00000000.00000000.00000000.00000011) 
(should be 0xf)
Looking deeper: Tof3 lost some LVL2 decisions.
Solution: TOF3 LVL2 DTU cable not connected properly

-- MichaelTraxler - 29 Jan 2005
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