Adjust Thresholds

cat s3r0p6.dat | perl -ne 'next if (/^#/);  ($a, $b)=$_=~/(\d+) (\d+)/; if($b<1023) {$b=1023}; print "$a $b\n"' > s3r0p6.dat_all_1023

postion: sep03/slow/race/

#!/usr/bin/perl -w

use strict;
use FileHandle;

my @files = @ARGV;

foreach my $fn (@files) {

    my $fh = FileHandle->new("<$fn");

    my @file = <$fh>;


    my $num_lines = scalar @file;
    my $line_counter = 0;
    my $fh_out = FileHandle->new(">$fn");
    my $date = qx(date);
    chomp $date;
    print $fh_out "# file changed by, $date , mt\n";

    foreach my $cur_line (@file) {
      if ($cur_line=~/^#/) {
        print $fh_out $cur_line;
      ($a, $b)=$cur_line=~/(\d+) (\d+)/; 
      #if($b<1023) {$b=1023}; print "$a $b\n"'

      $line_counter ++;
      #if($line_counter < $num_lines/2) {
          $b+=1 if($b<1022);
          #$b-=1 if($b>0);

      $b=1023 if($b>=1024);
      print $fh_out "$a $b\n";



-- MichaelTraxler - 15 Apr 2005
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