Better Hardware for a better Run Control

Some thoughts which functions in readout hardware would be nice to have for supporting the run control. Most of the time the discussion is about VME boards but it may also be applicable to frontend borads.

Of course, if you know that your or some other hardware supports one or several of these functions, it would be nice to see a description or a link here.

  • A "always" readable register that can be used to test for the presence of the hardware in the crate.
  • A register that allows to figure out the type and version (even software version) of the board.
  • A register that tells the status of the board (uninitialized, initialized, reset, running, stopped, error). Especially the information about uninitialized/initialized is important.
  • A reset procedure that can be done independent from any inputs from the outside world and especially leaves the module in the reset state at the end no matter what happens around (deaf during and after reset).

-- MathiasMuench - 19 Apr 2005
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