The smoked TRB (Serial No. 5) is in repair. After removing the DC/DC converters (48V, 2,5V, 3.0V) there is no short-circuit anymore and the ETRAX is working again. The replacement FPGA were delivered today (2005-07-11) and will be soldered tomorrow.

Removed pads (due to unsoldering):

pinn function
AA22 x
AB21 x
AB16 x
AB04 x
Y1 x
V1 x
A2 x


After resoldering the FPGA, the ETRAX-chip is not working anymore. This is the second Axis-Chip, which is defective after soldering in the vapor-phase reflow-oven.


New AXIS-ETRAX-chip was soldered "by hand". The processor is working and network connection is established, but I can not load the FLASH. Strange!

-- MichaelTraxler - 11 Jul 2005
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