Source codes for etrax fs on

binary file description
cvs name source on hadeb05
jam_trbv2 tool to use jtag interface on the trb and addon boards. Please, use 'jam_trbv2 -h'
etrax_apps_r10/jam_trbv2 /home/hadaq/soft/devboard-R2_10/apps/jam_trbv2
rw_etraxport read/write the ports of etrax. Please, use 'rw_etraxport -h'
etrax_apps_r10/rw_etraxport /home/hadaq/soft/devboard-R2_10/apps/rw_etraxport
spi_trbv2 spi-tool to set thresholds for tof,rpc. Please, use 'spi_trbv2 -h' diagram
etrax_apps_r10/spi_trbv2 /home/hadaq/soft/devboard-R2_10/apps/spi_trbv2
procServ its just crosscompilation of standard application
etrax_apps_r10/procServ /home/hadaq/soft/devboard-R2_10/apps/procServ-2.4.0
memnet readout data without dma
etrax_apps_r10/readout_trb /home/hadaq/soft/devboard-R2_10/apps/readout_trb
memnet readout data with dma
etrax_apps_r10/readout_trb_dma /home/hadaq/soft/devboard-R2_10/apps/readout_trb_with_dma_100109 diagram
can_module.ko+can_rx0.spuR10.bin device driver for CPU + firmware for SPU0 needed to use dma
etrax_apps_r10/iop /home/hadaq/soft/devboard-R2_10/os/linux-2.6/drivers/iop
rw_trbv2 tool to communication between fpga and etrax
etrax_apps_r10/rw_trbv2 /home/hadaq/soft/devboard-R2_10/apps/rw_trbv2
fs_fpga_int_dma library to interface fpga-etrax
etrax_apps_r10 /home/hadaq/soft/devboard-R2_10/apps/fs_fpga_int_dma


can_module.ko+can_rx0.spuR10.bin device driver for CPU + firmware for SPU0 needed to use dma
etrax_apps_r20/iop /home/hadaq/soft/devboard-R2_20/os/linux-2.6/drivers/iop
memnet readout MDC using trblib functions to get the data from FIFO to buffer. Requires allParam_for_FS and compat_for_FS
etrax_apps_r20/readout_mdc /home/hadaq/soft/devboard-R2_20/apps/readout_mdc/
netmem Readout with DMA and Round Robin scheme for multiple EBs
etrax_apps_r20/readout_dma_rrobin /home/hadaq/soft/devboard-R2_20/apps/readout_dma_rrobin/
liballParam.a allParam lib crosscompiled for Etrax FS
etrax_apps_r20/allParam_for_FS /home/hadaq/soft/devboard-R2_20/apps/allParam_for_FS
compat libs compat semaphore syslog libs crosscompiled for Etrax FS
etrax_apps_r20/compat_for_FS /home/hadaq/soft/devboard-R2_20/apps/compat_for_FS

Source in the cvs

The main module is trbsoft in our cvsroot

directory file purpose platform
libtrbnet trbcmd command line tool to issue all possible trbnet accesses Etrax
libtrbnet trbnet library to interface TrbNet Etrax
libtrbnet pulser readout with simulated timing triggers via slow control Etrax
libtrbnet trbdhcp simple dhcp like assigning of addresses to boards Etrax
mdc daqop command line tool to issue commands on TrbNet using "plain text" commands Etrax
mdc oepmon alias: oep_voltages - basic plain text overview of ADC measurements on OEP Etrax
trbrich trbflash Program Flash ROMs on OEP and Rich ADCM Etrax
trbrich trbi2c Interface I2C Interface on Rich ADCM Etrax
trbrich pulser   Etrax
trbrich trbrichcmd   Etrax
hldana hldana Framwork to read single events from a standard hld-file structure to an array PC

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