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What we have to do....

  1. Ask for a public Wiki-group (Hadespub ???) where we can store info for outside people. Nearly all hades-pages are out-of-date

Task Timescale / Status
Use Parity for the TIP-CONC-Connection done
Examine the TDC-Counter mismatch important
  Seems to be more stable with MIN=1 in the fifo. Not 100% stable with beam
Finalize the flex-TIP, make docu in wiki done
Latch not working in sync mode ? done (it works!)
TIP/conc maybe not working with faster CPU. This would need a major redesign of the obsolete CPLD unclear
TOF IPU discrepancies to TIP-emulation, also affects MU discrepancies? unclear
  Phi is clean now (bug found by Camilla/Jrn), time calculation still shows problems
Repair the 2 broken modules (both in Giessen) important
Build 2 more spare modules (units available in hongkong) paid by HADES-common funds
TOF0 concentrator seems to be unstable when asynchronous readout is used: very strange as it should be uncorrelated! Reboot of TOF0 was necessary! Was also seen with pulser, so we have to check this after the sep05 beamtime
start with the Acromag-PMC-board to substitute the TIP-boards  

Task Timescale / Status

Date Task Timescale / Status
2006-05-11 Put Trigger-Box-output to DAQ-logic-analyzer to calculate the "other" deadtime 1 day of work, Michael

Task Timescale / Status
repair one Trigger-Hub... Who wants to do this??? I will ask Marn; update; was done by Marcin, but doesn't work!

Thoughts about new HADES-DAQ-ctrl and monitoring


  • Server-client architechture

RunCtrl-server Features

  • Start, Stop, File on/off


  • Show Nr. of events
  • Size of File currently written
  • rates as text
  • Taking(transporting) plots/numbers/etc from analysis clients
  • Alarms
    • Most important: Soundserver
      • DAQ-Hardware, Files, Tag-mismatch
      • Dector-Trips
      • automized log-book entries
      • error from syslog as popup

Parameter control

  • Keeping all params in one place (at the moment in various tcl-scripts)


Just some topics...Not yet sorted
  • Variable transportation: EPICS?
  • Graphical front-end: Web-Interface / Perl-EPICS-client / KDE tools (kdialog + knotify with sound!)
  • Integration of QA-plots (important!!!!!) as: picture / array+gnuplot
    • pictures have to be provided by analysis/hydra...

Important changes one should not forget about

  • /var/diskless/linuxvme/hadc12/etc/syslog.conf is not a hard link! local0./1./2./3.* @hadeb03 are excluded from the syslog.conf to get rid of unnecessary error messages from hadc12 during beamtime.
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