VME addresses for every given register

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Address Description comments
offset (hex)    
80 Enable input  
0 Delay value for PTI1  
4 Delay value for PTI2  
8 Delay value for PTI3  
c Delay value for PTI4  
10 Delay value for PTI5  
14 Delay value for TS  
18 Delay value for VS  
a4 Delay value for Beam signal  
1c Downscale value for PTI1  
20 Downscale value for PTI2  
24 Downscale value for PTI3  
28 Downscale value for PTI4  
2c Downscale value for PTI5  
30 Downscale value for TS  
34 Downscale value for VS  
38 Downscale value for local clock  
3c Width value for PTI1  
40 Width value for PTI2  
44 Width value for PTI3  
48 Width value for PTI4  
4c Width value for PTI5  
50 Width value for TS  
54 Width value for VS  
a8 Width value for Beam signal  
58 OR on/off  
5c MUX 1 selection  
60 MUX 2 selection  
64 Scaler register PTI1 (read only)  
68 Scaler register PTI2 (read only)  
6c Scaler register PTI3 (read only)  
70 Scaler register PTI4 (read only)  
74 Scaler register PTI5 (read only)  
78 Scaler register TS (read only)  
7c Scaler register VS (read only)  
8c Scaler reset  
b4 Scaler register Dead time (read only)  
90 Enable MDC/TOF branch + Width value for MCD_TOF_out  
94 Scaler channel selection for TOF and MDC  
98 Scaler register for MDC (read only)  
9c Scaler register for TOF (read only)  
84 Width for GT (output)  
a0 PTI5 (mux2) and TS (mux1) alternate input  
a4 High voltage inhibit dealy  
a8 High voltage internal inhibit width  
ac High voltage external inhibit width  
b0 Disable TS gating  
b8 Scaler register PTI1 accepted (read only)  
bc Scaler register PTI2 accepted (read only)  
c0 Scaler register PTI3 accepted (read only)  
c4 Scaler register PTI4 accepted (read only)  
c8 Scaler register PTI5 accepted (read only)  
cc Scaler register TS accepted (read only)  
d0 Scaler register VS accepted (read only)  
d4 Scaler register MUX 1 (read only)  
d8 Scaler register MUX 2 (read only)  
dc Calibration trigger disable  
88 Communication bus enable (TRB + DTU)  
e0 DTU error  

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