Comparison of Efficiency matrices APR07/SEP08

In the RICH Digitizer Efficiency comparison the influence of different RICH digitizer parameters on the lepton efficiency matrices is discussed. It could be shown that the different Digitizer parameters (also other parameters for DST production were studied [Manuel]) are not sufficient (few %) to describe the differences in the efficiency matrices (~10% in TOF region, small in TOFino region) --> Fig.1
For this reason the creation of efficiency matrices was checked:
  • Comparison of APR07 NTuple (Anar, 2 sigma) and SEP08 NTuple (Michael, 2 sigma): same differences as matrices --> clear, because matrices were created from these
  • Comparison of APR07 NTuple (Michael) and SEP08 NTuple (Michael): For the creation of the Ntuples the SAME analysis was used. In particular the matching of RICH rings and tracks is done in the SEP08 way (2D ellispoids instead of 1D cuts in phi and theta). For both 2 sigma cuts were used. --> The results are comparable within few %, which is expected due to different digitizer parameters etc.
  • Comparison of APR07 NTuple (Michael, 2.5 sigma) and APR07 NTuple (Anar, 2 sigma): A 2 sigma cut in 1D way seems to result in an effective 2.5 sigma cut in 2D ellipsoids. This especially important in the high theta region.

Conclusio: Everything is fine, since in SEP08 we use different matching method than in APR07. The efficiency matrices take care of this in the correct way and are therefore different.

Efficiency matrices

  • APR07: red
  • SEP08: black

matrix comp

APR07 NTuple (Anar, 2 sigma) and SEP08 NTuple (Michael, 2 sigma)


APR07 NTuple (Michael) and SEP08 NTuple (Michael)


APR07 NTuple (Michael, 2.5 sigma) and APR07 NTuple (Anar, 2 sigma)

APR07 Anar MW NT 2.5

-- MichaelWeber - 12 Oct 2011

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