EPICS Collaboration Meeting 2006
Core Development

Bob Dalesio, SLAC:
"EPICS Version 4 Update"

  • ppt pdf
  • How many embedded IOC is EPICS 3/4 to work with?

Andrew Johnson, Argonne:
"The Future via EPICS version 3"

  • odp pdf

Nick Rees, Diamond:
"Feedback on EPICS V4/V3 directions"

  • ppt pdf
  • "EPICS is democratically developped"
  • they seem to run into that problem for EPICS 4 ("Democracy does not work in software development")
  • Three tier architecture ??

Kay-Uwe Kasimir, ORNL:
"Toy IOC Experiments, hierarchical EPICS database: 'The TOY IOC' "

  • pdf
  • !!!
  • page 14-16: What is EPICS good in and less?
  • Comparisons to TANGO, ACS, DOOCS, NIF, RHIC, CDEV,...
  • %RED ⇒ contact to test
  • "all other Control Systems are hierarchical and object-oriented, EPICS is flat"
  • presented device.record ≡ Object with data members and methods

Marty Kraimer:
"A Java based IOC"

  • odp pdf
  • For Future
  • XML definitions for database
  • structure ≡deklaration / template
  • record type ≡ definition of instance
  • ways to interface to V3?
  • Komplex hierarchical Object
    • break it down to basic objects and provide PVs, or ...
    • keep complexity alive

Jeff Hill, LANL:
"CA Enhancements for LANSCE Timed and Flavoured Data"

  • ppt pdf
  • TODO: Understand CA Model

Andrew Johnson, Argonne:
"Modifying hardware addresses at runtime"

  • odf pdf
  • DTYP and INP/OUT fields can be changed DURING run time

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