EPICS Collaboration Meeting 2006
SIG: Special Interest Group Workshops
Control System Suite (CSS) / Eclipse Frameworks (2006, June, 13)

  • Organizer: Matthias Clausen (DESY, XFEL)

CSS Workshop

Ken Evans, ANL:
"Introduction to Eclipse"

  • Ecclipse:
    • Wikipedia: de, en
    • is an IDE (Integrated Development Environment (Wikipedia: de, en ))
    • is a "Plug-in Manager"
    • is a community
    • is open source
    • is a RCP: Rich Client Platform (Wikipedia: en, de also en (eclipse) )
    • it is an IDE
      • not an application
    • orignally built for java but widely use for other languages
    • similar to Netbeans (Wikipedia: de, en)
    • AWT vs. SWT
      • SWT (Wikipedia de, en)
      • AWT (Wikipedia de, en)
      • Ecclipse uses SWT

Matthias Clausen, DESY:
"CSS - Introduction / Overview"

  • Java based / origin
  • Wizard in preparation
  • CSS - Core / Application Workshop at DESY in August 2006 !
  • Notes/Keywords/Comments/Unrelated
    • "EPICS parallel to TANGO":
      • CSS is not a part of EPICS by itself, but can be put on top of EPICS to build EPICS Application and Systems. I.e. it is not mandatory to use EPICS, but you can also use other Control System Software below, e.g. TANGO Control System (Homepage).
    • VDCT (visual DCT: visual Database Configuration Tool)
      • included in CSS (?)
      • see presentations of Emma Shephard (,)
    • Synoptic Display
      • ???
    • Supports "Rights management" for access

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Ken Evans, ANL:

  • IDE (Integrated Development Environment)
  • is an Ecclipse Plugin
  • ⇒ Web Page ???

Robby Tanner, Canadian Light Source (CLS):
"Ecclipse Tree Tool and IRMIS configuration Access / The CLS Centralized Process Variable"

Emma Shephard, Diamond Light Source, ("VDCT - Lady"):
"VDCT plans"

  • VDCT (visual DCT: visual Database Configuration Tool)
  • plans: * interface to Ecclipse
  • VDCT &Harr; Netbeans-Editor
  • VDCT &Harr; JDCT (Java DCT)

Sergei Chevtsov, Stanford Linear Accelerator Center (SLAC):
"Archive Viewer Progress / Experience with Eclipse Platform"

  • from scratch programming
  • Book helpful, forum not
  • MVC (Wikipedia: [de, en,"Holy Grail" of Application programming

Notes / TODO

  • Talks
    • M.Clausen nach PPT seiner CSS Talks bitte
    • K.Evansnach PPT seiner CSS Talks bitte
  • CSS CVS repository
    • "its really running"
    • plugins Java
    • JUnit - Testcode? JUnit (Wikipedia: en,de)

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Matthias Clausen, DESY:

  • alh (alarm handler): X11 based
  • JMS (Wikipedia: en, de)

Curtis Dunn, Spallation Neutron Source, SNS, Oak Ridge Lab:
"SNS Alarm System"

  • Objective-C (Wikipedia: en, de)

Pam Gurd, Spallation Neutron Source, SNS, Oak Ridge Lab:
"Soft-IOC based Alarm Handler"

  • software based IOC, i.e. Linux running

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