EPICS Collaboration Meeting 2006
SIG: Special Interest Group Workshops
RTEMS Primer and Workshop (2006, June, 12)

  • Organizer: Eric Norum, Argonne National Lab

Eric Norum, Argonne National Lab:
"RTEMS Overview"

  • pdf ppt
  • RTEMS, Real-Time Executive for Multiprocessor Systems
  • Portability ⇒ Major design goal of RTEMS
    • FPGA: Runs on Open Cores OR 32
  • Development Environment
    • Based on GNU Tools
      • GNU Compiler Collection
      • GNU Debugger
  • OAR: Online Application Research is currently managing the RTEMS project, is an active member of the free software effort
  • RTEMS vs. VxWorks
    • vxWorks: Wikipedia: de, en

Dayle Kotturi, SLAC, LCLS Controls Group,
"Getting an IOC to boot RTEMS"

  • live presentation

S. Kate Feng, BNL (Brookhaven National Lab), NSLS:
"Writing a RTEMS Board Support Package (BSP) for MVME5500"

S. Kate Feng, BNL (Brookhaven National Lab), NSLS:
"Device Driver / Applications ?"

  • pdf
  • Image Processing
    • for Firewire Cams
  • SAN- Fibre Channel Switch
    • 200 MB/s per Lane
  • My Notes/Questions:
    • (Industrial) Standards ?

Eric Norum, Argonne National Lab:
"Coldfire Debugging"

  • Coldfire: 68x RISC embedded System (Wikipedia: de, en)
  • embedded IOC (Input Output Controler
  • remotely debugged
  • debugging with gdb (Wikipedia: de, en)
    • remote gdb protocol

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