EPICS Collaboration Meeting 2006
Status Reports

Dave Gurd, Oak Ridge National Lab:
"SNS Status"

  • ppt pdf
  • SNS: Spallation Neutron Source http://www.sns.gov/
  • Linux based SoftIOCs
  • IOC Status Server ⇒ B.Kolb
  • SNS has ~400,000 PVs
  • Rule of thumb: One "channel" needs 5 PVs
  • LabView-EPICS interface
  • Full integrated test of all subsystems through the control system!
  • Project status: Project completion report

Wayne Lewis, Australian Synchrotron:
"Status of the Australian Synchrotron"

Tom Cobb, Diamond Light Source:
"Status of the Diamond Light Source"

Hamid Shoaee, Stanford Linear Accelerator Center, SLAC, Stanford Synch. Radiation Lab.:
"LCLS (Control system) Status"

Ralph Lange, BESSY:
"Status of the Willy-Wien Laboratory"

Norihiko Kamikubota, KEK/J-PARC:
"JPARC Status"

  • ppt pdf
  • JPARC: Japan Proton Accelerator Reasearch Center
  • http://j-parc.jp/index-e.html
  • jSAD: SAD interpreter in JAVA ???
  • SAD: strategic accelerated design ???

Tasukro Nakamura, KEK:
"Developments at KEK"

Dennis Armstrong, Swiss Light Source, SLS, Paul Scherer Institut, PSI:
"SLS Status"

  • ppt pdf
  • http://sls.web.psi.ch/
  • sls install ⇒ Software Reuse
  • "require" - Keyword in startup script
  • Controls Inventory Database
  • "DCOM to EPICS" Interface
  • vxWorks Upgrade 5.3.1 → 5.5.1 (20 people have knowledge)

Geoff Savage, Fermilab, FNAL:
"EPICS at Fermilab"

  • [ppt [pdf
  • ILC TA (ILC Test Accelerator), ILC International Linear Collider
  • http://ilc.fnal.gov/
  • other Control system:
    • ACNET (FNAL)
    • EPICS
    • DOOCS (DESY)

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