Inverted raw times before using cuts
Calibration data appears as a second peak around t1-t2=400 channels in the time above threshold spectrum.

* t1 -t2 in channels:
t1 -t2 in channels

After using the calculated slopes one sees that this second peak is exactly at the 200 ns corresponding to the internal calibration.

  • t1 - t2 in ns::
    t1 - t2 in ns:

As an example I chose the wires 3, 58 of the first MB to study the difference between them.
As it appears below the difference between the two wires is about 74 channels.

  • t1 in channels:
    t1 in channels
    But amazingly 76 ns

  • t1 in ns:
    t1 in ns

As a result of the huge slopes variation.

  • slopes in ns/ch:
    slopes in ns/ch
    Then I compared another file where the global offset is different by 200 ns.
    And found the following t1 spectrum.

  • t1 in channels:
    t1 in channels
    But after calibration:

  • t1 in ns:
    t1 in ns
    We see almost the same offset difference of 79 ns between the two wires.
    as the slopes remained in a range of 2% unchanged.

  • slope difference ns/ch:
    slope difference ns/ch
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