HPidSingleLeptonEff - going through the code step by step

  • Input: full HGEANT simulation with so called white tracks with a flat distribution in momentum, theta, phi. Usually a few of them per event, i.e. 8 tracks (not too many in order not to distort the signal from MDC).
  • First check: removecloseTracks method which loops over any two tracks out of all white tracks and marks (both of them) if their opening angle < 9.5 deg. It means that they are not taken into consideration in calculations afterwards.
  • Next method is checkEff performed on white tracks which survived "first check".
  • Each white track is tested with isGeantTrackInAcceptance. The method checks explicitely whether a given track has passed through MDC I and MDC II and MDC III and MDC IV and (TOF or PreShower). If this is true, the track properties are stored in NTuples (accePosi, acceEle). Those NTuples are denominators in the EFF matrices.
  • [ this is a part of code for testing only ] Next, the direct cuts are investigated. The loop over all HPairSim objects is done. First, a method checkTrackId( pair1, trackNb ) is called, where pair1 is just an HPairSim and trackNb is the number of white track under consideration. It returns getCommonDetectors1/2 from HPairGeantData. If it is >= 76 (fully reconstructed track) and if getPid1() or getPid2() > 0, then we check if any flag of direct cut is set, getIsCutFlag() \!\= 0 sets the flag bDirectCut to 1. [ end of testing part ]
  • Then we come again with the next loop over HPairSim objects. For getCommonDetectors1/2 > 0 we call calculateTrackProperties. This is the method in which we check, taking HPairData object for our pair object with a white track, if the angle to closest fitted and not fitted lepton is lower than 9 deg (methods getAngleToClosestFittedLepton and getAngleToClosestNonFittedLepton). If this is the case, cpFlag is set to 1.
  • If nodirect cut for a pair we deal with, variables for NTuple are stored, important for us is the presence of cpFlag and comDet flag (bDirectCut should be here always 0). Now, if comDet > 76 we fill NTuples (effEle, effPosi) which are numerators in the EFF matrices.
  • The last part is about the situation that the white track did not create any pair so we have to look at its properties as HPidParticleSim object. Again, we demand that getMostCommonCorrelation() is >= 76 and then we fill the NTuples (effEle, effPosi) with the track properties.

-- WitoldPrzygoda - 13 Jul 2007
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