User accounts in the HADES Oracle database

Production accounts

Account name Comment
CRYO Related to the magnet.
Contains the LabView data of the cryo plant.
DAQ Related to DAQ and Run Control.
This account contains mainly objects used by the obsolete Run Control of B. Sailer. Most of it is not used at all. Only very few tables containing the run related information are actually still needed. The account will be backed-up soon and all run_control specific parts will be removed.
HADES_COLLAB Contains the new collaboration data
HADES_OPER This was the first account in our database and contains some tables, views and packages for beam time and run related information including the beam time logbook.
HADES_SCS Account for online storage of the slow control data
HADES_SLOW Account for permanent storage of the slow control data
HADES_UTIL Contains mainly utility packages for web-based GUIs and documentation
Has access to all tables and views, all code and some system views (for sessions, tablespaces, ...).
HANAL Central analysis account
(parameter handling and user interfaces, condition-style parameter containers, simulation projects, run infos, analysis logbook)
HGEOM New geometry account
ILSE_DAQ Contains the analysis parameters for trigger code (libTrig, libTrigUtil)
MDC_ANA Production account for MDC detector
MDC_WWW WebDB account for MDC detector
RICH_ANA Production account for RICH detector
RPC_ANA Production account for RPC detector
SANTIAGO_ANA Contains the analysis parameters for kickplane (libKick)
SHOWER_ANA Production account for SHOWER detector
START_ANA Production account for START and HODO detectors
TOFINO_ANA Production account for TOFINO detector
TOF_ANA Production account for TOF detector
WALL_ANA Production account for Forward Wall

WebDB accounts

Account name Comment
WEBDB Owner of WebDB
Contains also the HADES browser
HADES_WEBDB Owner of WebDB Site
Access Accounts (needed internally by the WebDB Site application)

User access accounts

Account name Comment
DAQ_OPER Used by beamtime shift crew to store run specific information (trigger box, scalers, DAQ init, Target configuration, ...) via WebDB GUIs.
DAQ_PUB Account used by the DAQ to insert runs
HADES Main access for all HADES members
HADES_ANA "Public" access for the analysis
HADES_COLLAB_OPER Write access for the collaboration data for CB members (partially only read access)
HADES_COLLAB_VIP Read/write access for all collaboration data (XB members only)
HALO User access account for some administrative tasks regarding the analysis and geometry
MDC_OPER Access to MDC related applications and parameters
PID_OPER Access for PID related parameters
RICH_OPER Access to RICH related applications and parameters
RPC_OPER Access to RPC related applications and parameters
SANTIAGO_OPER Access to kickplane and alignment related parameters
SHOWER_OPER Access to PRE_SHOWER related applications and parameters
TOF_OPER Access to TOF related applications and parameters
TOFINO_OPER Access to Tofino related applications and parameters
TRIG_OPER Access to Trigger related applications and parameters
WALL_OPER Access to Forward Wall related applications and parameters

Development accounts

Account name Comment
DAHLINGER Personal account of Michael Dahlinger
Empty account!
HADES_COLLAB_TEST Development account for collaboration data
HADES_DAQ Development account for DAQ related data
HADES_GEOM_TEST Development account for the geometry
HALO_TEST Development account for analysis related data (mainly run infos)
HYDRA Main development account for analysis related data
Development and administration accounts of Ilse Koenig
KOENIG Personal account of Wolfgang Koenig
MDC_ANATEST Development account for MDC detector
RICH_ANATEST Development account for RICH detector
RPC_ANATEST Development account for RPC detector
SANTIAGO_ANATEST Development account for kickplane parameters
SHOWER_ANATEST Development account for PRE_SHOWER detector
START_ANATEST Development account for START and HODO detectors
TOFINO_ANATEST Development account for Tofino detector
TOF_ANATEST Development account for TOF detector
TRIG_TEST Development account for trigger related data
WUESTENFELD Locked (not needed anymore?)

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