How to unpack the TRB data

How to unpack the TRB data - the simplest way.
1.  copy the directory: /u/shower/trb_unpack/macros/ to your location.
2.  run the script: .
3.  compile your macro: make -f Makefile_dev
4.  run the program:  ./analysisDST  be07127224427.hld   44446
    you should see errors like this: "TDC 3 Error $0010 ($61000010)"  :) 

5.  open your output file:  root -l  /s/shower/be07127224427_TRB_test.root
6.  plot the multiplicity:  T.Draw("HHodoRaw.fData.nHits") 

How to unpack the TRB data - a little bit more complicated way. 
1. install 2 modules (base, hodo) of Hades HYDRA analysis package:
 a. base - provides methods to access and unpack the HLD file
 b. hodo - creates data structure for storing unpacked information

 - create the working directory, example: /u/shower/trb_unpack/macros
 - set the CVSROOT:  export CVSROOT=/misc/halo/repos/anal/
 - checkout base and hodo:
    cvs checkout base
    cvs checkout hodo
 - set the enviroment: copy the following script to your working dir: 
   /u/shower/trb_unpack/  - open and adapt one line in this script !!
      run the script:
 - compile base module: 
      cd base; make ; make install; cd -;
    - compile hodo module:
      cd hodo; make ; make install; cd -; 
2. now you are ready to unpack the hld file:
    - copy the following dir: /s/shower/trb_unpack_s/macros/ to your working directory
    - if you are in a new terminal run the script:  again.
    - edit file:  -- adapt it to your needs (output path) 
 - compile: make  -f Makefile_dev  -- analysisDST will be created
    - The file available for analysis: /misc/scratch.lxg0444/shower/hld_jurek/be07127224427.hld
    - run: ./analysisDST be07127224427.hld  30000       
    have fun .... for this file you should see a lot of errors :)

JerzyPietraszko - 16 Jan 2007
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