In order to keep important information clean from many plots which are in other tabs, here i would like to insert all plots which i propose to have in the paper in exchange of present one.

Presented figures are not in final version. If it will be decided that those figures will go to paper i will do additional polishing to it.

If we agree that all plots which are showing comparison to models should be made from most central events (0-10%) i propose to have following one :

Figure 1 : stays as it is

Figure 2 : it can be also exchange on fit for mid-rapidy of most central events. However in my personal opinion it is better to keep this figure, since for the extrapolation i was using double Boltzmann fit.

And there is a lot of info inside text regarding double Boltzmann fit. If we would like to change it for pt fit it would require many changes and i do not think that this will bring more information than this plot which we have.

Figure 3 : stays as it is

Figure 4 : stays as it is

Figure 5 : stays as it is, still need to check if lines are consistent

Figure 6 : stays as it is

Figure 7 : here i made free (absolute) normalization for models and most central events


Figure 8 : changing just to most central events


Figure 9 : changing just to most central events

Figure 10 : changing just to most central events

Figure 11 : stays as it is ?

Figure 12 : stays as it is ? Here maybe this plot is not needed any more since i have added lately Figure 11. Or i can add here fits which are used to extract Coulomb ?

Figure 13 : removing UrQMD lines, and add fits which are used to extract A2



Figure 14 : add all other models and keep only most central events


Figure 15 : keep it as it is ? remove urqmd ? add other models ? If we add to such pltos other model lines, one will not see anything on the plot.

-- GosiaSudol - 16 May 2019

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