The "Old" Pion Hodoscopes

  • consisting of 1cm plastic scintillating bars
  • using Hamamatsu R3478 PMTs
  • special bases
  • read more about it in "Design and commisioning of the GSI pion beam", Diaz et al, NIM A 478 (2002)
  • HV -1300 (maybe up to -1500?)
  • Hamamatsu says R3478 can use up to -1700

some words about repairing

the pmts are GLUED to the lighguides which are glued to the scintillator

reason for too small and bad signal was a faulty base (which is separate from the pmt)

note: the fans should be used and/or temperature should be monitored... the bases will get hot if in use!

-- BjoernSpruck - 12 Oct 2006
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